I insisted on sedation due to my serious gag problem. NoGag® worked wonders on me and saved me a lot of money. This should be a standard in dental offices for patients like me!”

— ST.G, Utah

WILLOW GROVE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, April 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — NoGag®: Anti-gagging Oral Care Made Smart, Simple, Stress-Free

Holmes Dental Company is proud to announce its partnership with Orion Innovations Inc. and their unique solution, NoGag®. NoGag’s® revolutionary anti-gagging oral care solution is engineered to transform patient comfort during dental procedures. With its rapid relief and extended gag suppression, NoGag® revolutionizes the dental experience for both patients and practitioners alike; reducing stress while preventing failed and slowed procedures.

Developed to address the common issue of gag reflex during dental treatments, NoGag® offers rapid relief within seconds of application, providing approximately 60 minutes of uninterrupted gag suppression. Gone are the days of discomfort and stress for patients and clinicians struggling with gag reflexes.

Crafted from two common food substances, Sodium Chloride and Citric Acid, at a patented ratio, NoGag® stands apart with its allergen-free and contraindication-free formulation suitable for patients of all ages, including pregnant women. Unlike traditional numbing agents, NoGag® works synergistically with Nerve 9, biochemically convincing the brain that the patient is swallowing food, thereby suppressing the gag reflex effectively.

“I had a patient that had one of the most severe gag reflexes that I’ve encountered in my career. I couldn’t even insert an empty tray or place anything near the roof of her mouth without her gagging. With NoGag, I was able to provide her with a beautiful denture. The difference in her new smile is amazing and now she is coming in for regular preventive care on her remaining lower teeth without the fear of gagging.” Dr. Wegner, Dentist in Oak Park, IL

Packaged conveniently as single-serving powder packs, each pouch contains 20 servings, ensuring ease of use and optimal hygiene standards. The simple application instructions make it effortless for both patients and dental professionals: place NoGag® on the top 1/3 anterior of the tongue, wait 10 seconds, swallow as normal, and experience uninterrupted gag suppression for approximately 60 minutes.

Transform patient experiences with NoGag® – the breakthrough solution for enhancing comfort and efficiency in dental procedures. Say goodbye to gag reflexes and hello to stress-free dental visits.

For more information about NoGag®, please visit Holmesdental.com

About Orion Innovations Inc.: Orion is a leading provider of innovative oral care solutions aimed at enhancing patient comfort during dental procedures. With its three-time patented formula and user-friendly design, NoGag is revolutionizing the dental experience for patients and practitioners alike.

About Holmes Dental: Holmes Dental was founded by Shelly Greene, DDS in 1975 after working with his patients and noticing issues when using certain products. Dr. Greene then invested the time needed to fix the imperfections he encountered to help make himself and his practice more efficient and his patients more comfortable.

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