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A Move Meant to Provide Cost-Effective Alternatives to Hospital Outpatient Settings

”we are committed to being a center of excellence and providing compassionate support and uncompromising standards to all our patients in their unique journeys toward physical and mental wellness.””

— Kingsley CEO

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2024 / — Biocare Oncology & Therapeutics (BOT), a subsidiary of St. Felix Health, Inc., proudly announces the inauguration of its cutting-edge luxury oncology and therapeutic ambulatory infusion center. Situated in Atlanta’s prestigious Buckhead district, the center represents a pivotal achievement in the company’s commitment to providing the Atlanta business and healthcare community with an innovative, high-quality, patient-centric alternative to traditional infusion center settings.

The BOT infusion Center represents a significant milestone in St. Felix Health, Inc.’s commitment to delivering unparalleled healthcare services to the community. From chemotherapy infusions to immunotherapy administration, gastroenterology, immunology, and pulmonology, among other specialties, Biocare assures the highest quality of care and service to all patients in adherence to The Joint Commission International standards. In addition, the infusion center offers a range of wellness infusions, including but not limited to stem cell IV therapy, weight loss and hydration infusions. Furthermore, the team comprises seasoned physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and medical assistants, all dedicated to ensuring personalized and evidence-based care plans backed by up-to-date scientific knowledge.

Recognizing the significance of a comfortable treatment environment, Biocare’s luxury outpatient infusion center is designed with the patient’s comfort and well-being in mind. From VIP services like refreshments and entertainment to private suites, the center’s compassionate practitioners and staff ensure that every patient receives personalized care suited to their unique needs.

Kingsley Iwudibia, Chief Executive Officer at Biocare, articulates the company’s dedication to excellence, stating, “Our mission, vision, and values form the foundation of our decisions and relationships with the patients we serve and the community at large. Our goal is to enhance the overall experience and outcomes for patients who require infusion therapies. To achieve this, we are committed to being a center of excellence and providing compassionate support and uncompromising standards to all our patients in their unique journeys toward physical and mental wellness. We are dedicated to ensuring innovative and unparalleled care for our patients, and to this end, we strive to establish and maintain our position as Atlanta’s premier outpatient center.”

About Biocare Oncology & Therapeutics:

Biocare Oncology & Therapeutics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of St. Felix Health, Inc., that offers novelty oncology and therapeutic ambulatory infusion services. We ensure quality patient care by collaborating with a full spectrum of healthcare experts and providing cost-effective alternatives to hospital outpatient settings.

Conveniently located in Buckhead, Atlanta, within a few miles radius from all the major hospitals, we operate on an appointment-based system, ensuring that we accommodate in-hours and out-of-hours service for all patients who may not be catered for by the typical hospital working hours. Besides the convenience, our controlled booking system ensures flexibility to accommodate all your infusion care needs in a relaxing and comfortable space.

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