For many Firefox users, a Firefox account has been indispensable. It safely syncs everything from open tabs, bookmarks, history and add-ons to passwords, credit card information and saved addresses across desktop and mobile devices. 

In fact, over the past few years, a Firefox account has grown its support beyond our beloved web browser. It’s now the authentication and account management tool for millions of users across Mozilla’s family of products – all designed to keep people safer and smarter online. So, to reflect this expanding world of Mozilla services, we’ve made the decision to rename “Firefox accounts” to “Mozilla accounts.”

More access for Firefox customers

With this name change, we hope people who love Firefox will continue to support the open-source browser that kickstarted Mozilla’s journey. We also welcome them to explore our growing slate of Mozilla’s people-first products.

Want a more transparent online shopping experience? Try Fakespot. Looking to secure your internet connection? Check out Mozilla VPN. Relay will help protect your phone number and email addresses from spammers, while Monitor can help keep your sensitive data private. And if you hope to find and save the best content online, give our popular Pocket app a try.

A seamless transition (really)

If you’re already a Firefox account customer, no need to create a new account. Or do anything at all.

You can log in with the same email and password, and you’ll find your information saved and secure right where you left it. We’ll continue to send out emails from [email protected] to keep important communications consistent. Rest assured, our terms of service and privacy notice remain unchanged.

 In other words, you get all the same benefits of a Firefox account — just under the Mozilla name. Check out our support page for additional information.

Using Mozilla products just got easier

You can now sign in across Mozilla’s products with your Google or Apple ID. Using your Google or Apple ID makes it easy to authenticate your identity and recover access to your account. While you can use your Google or Apple ID to log into your Mozilla account, you’ll still need to set a password for your Mozilla account in order to sync your browser bookmarks, history, passwords, open tabs and more. Find out more in our support article

Beyond our current offerings for a safer and more secure internet, we invite everyone to keep an eye out for more exciting things to come. Whether that’s our investment in trustworthy AI, our exploration into a better social media or our continuing efforts to advocate for ethical tech policies

The needs of web users are always evolving. We’re right there with you. But have no doubt that one thing will remain constant: Mozilla’s dedication to keep the internet open, accessible and healthy for all.

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