The popular Scam Junkie and White Collar Crimes podcasts take different approaches to true crime with their Spotify podcasts.

LOS ANGELES , CA, USA, September 9, 2023/ — As Scam Junkie tops the ratings for best new true crime podcast on white collar crimes, another true crime podcast White Collar Crimes produced and hosted by Ryan Horn is quickly climbing the charts. These 2 podcasts are often referred to as The Con Man & The Cop. That is because Steve Comisar’s Scam Junkie is hosted by a legendary con man.

White Collar Crimes is hosted by Ryan Horn with a career background in law enforcement. These 2 podcasts on Spotify offer advice from the law enforcement perspective and from the criminal point of view. Both agree on one thing. Ryan Horn says, “If you don’t learn how to protect yourself again cons and scams, you and your money may soon be parted. And what a better way to learn then to kick back after work and binge a few episodes of Scam Junkie and White Collar Crimes.”

As Crime Junkie drops in the ratings Scam Junkie soars to the top of the charts as the number one true crime podcast focusing strictly on white collar crime. The brains behind Scam Junkie is Steve Comisar, aka Brett Champion, The Don of Con, a reformed iconic con man who knows a lot about white collar crime and he’s sharing his knowledge with the public in his new and highly rated podcast. Another true crime podcast called White Collar Crimes produced and hosted by Ryan Horn, a career law enforcement officer, is right behind Scam Junkie on the leaderboard. Crime Junkie finished a distant third.

The Uber successful true crime podcast Crime Junkie has millions of subscribers. The producer and host Ashley Flowers is perhaps the wealthiest podcaster on Spotify. Until now. Enter Steve Comisar with his new true crime podcast Scam Junkie. Within a few months Scam Junkie is taking over Spotify as the number one true crime podcast in the free world. But who is Steve Comisar and how is this newcomer in podcasting skyrocketing to top of the Spotify ratings?

Flowers the host of Crime Junkie is a marketing diva who discusses past and present crimes. Comisar however is an actual former iconic con man who reveals his secrets and teaches listeners how to apply his techniques legally to increase income and influence others. While Crime Junkie discussed all types of crimes, Scam Junkie discusses only white collar crimes. Comisar uses his 30 years experience as a master con man and actor to explain how scams are perpetrated and adds personal anecdotes and humor from his exciting life. After Comisar was sent to prison he decided to change course and dedicate his future to fraud prevention. He published a bestselling book and appeared on dozens of television talk shows and news magazine programs as an expert on scams.

Spotify, the worlds largest platform for podcasts is launching a free t-shirt giveaway. Starting today all new subscribers to Scam Junkie get a free T-shirt. Mirage Kuthari, Promotional Director for Scam Junkie says, “The shirts are just the beginning. We will be giving away coffee mugs and baseball caps soon to show appreciation to our fans who have made Scam Junkie one of the most sought after podcasts ever.”

Michelle Jones, Director of Marketing for Spotify says,” The reason Comisar’s show is so successful is because he is a real con man and the listeners find that interesting while Flowers as a journalist only comments on past crimes perpetrated by others. Comisar’s show is refreshing because he is charismatic, funny and quick-witted. There’s no telling how successful Comisar will become. His background in acting adds more intrigue to the equation.”

Molly Goldman, Comisar’s manager says, “His voice is calm, confident, like a pilots. You immediately trust him and want to write him a check. He knocked out the first episode in one take. He’s very charming and charismatic. He’s also a classically trained method actor and he’s very good at it. If this is any indication on what the future may bring for him, watch out Hollywood, here comes your next star.”

Comisar is 59 and resides in Los Angeles, California. The first 10 episodes of his podcast, Scam Junkie, are available now on Spotify. Promotional t-shirts and other swag merch items are given away to all new subscribers on first come basis while supply lasts. A VIP subscription to Scam Junkie is $4.99 per month.

By: Nancy Kaufman, Celebrity Newswire

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