2024 NEPCON JAPAN exhibition scene

Utmel booth crowded with people

Utmel booth crowded with people

Utmel staff engaging with customers

Utmel staff engaging with customers

The 2024 NEPCON JAPAN, a event held in Tokyo, Japan at the Big Sight exhibition center, brought together renowned electronic companies from around the world.

HONG KONG, CHINA, January 24, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The 2024 NEPCON JAPAN, a 3-day event held from January 24th to 26th in Tokyo, Japan at the Big Sight exhibition center, brought together renowned electronic companies from around the world. Utmel, a well-loved electronic component distributor, also participated in the exhibition with the aim of understanding market trends and demands, as well as showcasing their expertise and knowledge in the field of electronic component distribution.

The 2024 NEPCON JAPAN exhibition is organized by RX Japan Ltd. With over 1,900 participating companies and brands, the event attracted more than 50,000 visitors. The exhibition is comprised of seven major specialized events, including PWB EXPO, ELECTROTEST JAPAN, and INTERNEPCON JAPAN, covering a wide range of fields such as SMT, IC packaging, electronic components/materials. Concurrently, there were also popular events on automotive electronics, LED/OLED lighting technologies, making it a premier event in the electronics industry. This comprehensive exhibition provided a platform for global electronic technology companies to exchange ideas and showcase their products. With numerous exhibitors and visitors coming together, the event was characterized by enthusiastic participation and the sharing of industry trends, technological breakthroughs, and business opportunities.

At the exhibition venue, exhibitors and visitors from around the world flocked in, making the exhibition hall bustling with activity. The booths of participating companies were busy with continuous business negotiations, and there was a vibrant atmosphere as face-to-face interactions took place between exhibitors and clients.

Utmel, located at booth E23-48, had a booth space with a modern and stylish design that caught the attention of passersby, attracting a lot of interest and inquiries from attending clients. The staff members of Utmel consistently engaged in communication and discussions with visitors, displaying their enthusiasm and genuine attitude. They patiently discussed with the attendees, resulting in a lively and harmonious atmosphere. Many participants expressed their intention for further discussions and potential collaborations on the spot.

In recent years, thanks to the support of national policies, the electronic component industry has experienced healthy and orderly development as a strategic emerging industry. Utmel, as a supplier focusing on the electronic component field, has emerged as a leader in the electronic industry after more than six years of development. It has gained market recognition in terms of source channels, database output interfaces, and supporting warehousing. The acclaim received by Utmel at the 2024 NEPCON JAPAN exhibition highlights its leadership position in the electronic component industry and the accumulated positive reputation among customers.

Looking ahead, the electronic component field has a vast market, and Utmel, with its rigorous quality inspection system, professional online marketing team, strong supply chain services, and outstanding service quality, attracts the favor of global customers. Utmel is a rare and valuable partner in the industry.

In the future, Utmel will continue to deepen its presence in the electronic field, aiming to provide high-quality services and products to customers worldwide. Utmel also looks forward to welcoming more industry peers and customers to join them, contributing to the advancement of the electronic industry with collective efforts.

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