TALLINN, ESTONIA, December 13, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — UFANDAO, the innovative fundraising platform, celebrates a successful showcase at the renowned Web Summit held in Lisbon this November.

Recognized as a pinnacle in European technology conferences, Web Summit attracted an impressive 70,000 attendees from 153 countries. Amidst over 5,000 startups, UFANDAO stood out, lauded for its potential, uniqueness, and transformative concepts.

The launch of UFANDAO’s next-generation product resonated enthusiastically with a diverse, global audience at the summit. The platform’s modern fundraising approach, seamlessly integrating gamification elements and peer to peer technology and spreading its influence globally.

A highlight was the unveiling of UFANDAO’s innovative product, showcasing how the platform is revolutionizing fundraising with creativity and a touch of humor. This warm reception underscores the commitment to fostering a community that not only facilitates fundraising but also champions joy, adventure, and tangible impact.

Participation in the Mentor Hours proved to be a transformative experience for the team. Engaging with industry leaders and experts provided invaluable insights, broadening perspectives, and refining strategies to address industry challenges. This interaction unequivocally cements UFANDAO’s position as a trailblazer in the fundraising sector.

Web Summit emerged as a hotbed of innovation, featuring startups from 93 countries presenting groundbreaking concepts.

Looking back on this year’s success, UFANDAO eagerly anticipates a return to next year’s Web Summit. The dedication to continuous innovation, networking, and setting new fundraising standards remains unwavering.


UFANDAO stands as a decentralized fundraising platform, empowering all dreamers to raise funds for any cause without the constraints of stigma or rigid conditions. Operating on a zero-fee model and leveraging the power of peer-to-peer interactions, UFANDAO is a vibrant space where dreams transform into reality. It’s a realm of boundless possibilities, where exhilarating adventures, genuine laughter, and impactful initiatives soar. Whether harboring a vision, a project, or a heartfelt cause, UFANDAO invites individuals to share it with the world. Here, the journey is not solitary – it becomes a shared adventure with a community eager to support and uplift aspirations.

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