The Curse of K.K. Hammond Unveils New Single and Video, “She Is My Precious,” A Bold Statement Against Digital Overreach

In a riveting blend of dark and dirty blues and social commentary, K.K. Hammond spotlights the often unseen struggles of female artists in the digital age.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK, April 7, 2024 / — In the latest turn of her illustrious career, slide blues guitarist, singer and songwriter, The Curse of K.K. Hammond announces the release of her newest single and video, “She Is My Precious,” set to debut on April 5th. Renowned for her signature blend of dark, dirty swamp blues, this release from Hammond follows a string of successful hits, including her March 2023 concept album “Death Roll Blues” and her acclaimed October 2023 interpretation of Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box.” Both have solidified her position atop the iTunes Blues Charts on both sides of the Atlantic and within the top 10 of the Billboard Blues Charts.

“She Is My Precious” emerges from the shadows as a tongue-in-cheek yet poignant reflection on the invasive nature of digital fan engagement, particularly the challenges faced by artists in the spotlight. Drawing inspiration from the Dirty or ‘Bawdy’ blues sub-genre, Hammond’s latest work is a personal anthem against unsolicited digital advances, showcasing her adeptness at blending critical social commentary with her musical prowess.

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Despite its departure from the typical themes found in K.K. Hammond’s repertoire, “She Is My Precious” reveals a playful yet assertive side of the artist, addressing a serious issue with both grace and audacity. Collaborating once again with long-time partner Ian Davidson, Hammond crafts a song that not only confronts her digital detractors but also serves as a testament to her resilience and ingenuity as an artist.

About The Curse of K.K. Hammond

The Curse of K.K. Hammond stands at the intersection of musical innovation and haunting storytelling. With her unparalleled slide guitar skills and a penchant for Southern Gothic horror, K.K. Hammond has carved a niche in the blues genre that resonates with audiences worldwide. Her music, characterized by its dark, dirty swamp blues sound, not only captures the essence of traditional blues but also pushes the boundaries of the genre with each release. For more information, please visit

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