SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, September 30, 2023 / — Spring Forest Studio Pte Ltd, a recognized leader in live streaming services, is poised to reshape the video production landscape in Singapore and across international borders. Specializing in cutting-edge virtual production technology, the company is making substantial strides toward bridging the gap between small to medium-sized video production houses, educational institutions, and the captivating world of virtual production.

Virtual production has emerged as a game-changing technology in filmmaking and content creation. Seamlessly merging cameras, live 3D rendering engines, and advanced camera tracking solutions, it has the power to create immersive and visually stunning content that captivates audiences. However, the exclusivity of this technology, often dictated by its high costs and complexity, has hindered its accessibility to smaller studios and schools.

Spring Forest Studio is committed to leveling the playing field by establishing itself as a certified reseller partner for two industry-leading virtual production technology providers: HTC Vive Mars and Aximmetry. Their journey with Aximmetry commenced in 2021 when they were clients, and their dedication culminated in the coveted status of a certified reseller partner in April 2023.

Orsolya Dormon, COO of Aximmetry, has expressed her unwavering confidence in Spring Forest Studio’s potential to lead in this endeavor: “Spring Forest Studio has accumulated valuable experience with our Aximmetry software since 2021 when they became our clients. In April 2023, they achieved the esteemed status of a certified reseller partner. We firmly believe in their capability to share their expertise with clients, seamlessly integrating their knowledge of virtual production hardware with our software. We wholeheartedly wish them success.”

HTC Vive Mars, renowned for its pioneering camera tracking solutions, has also acknowledged Spring Forest Studio’s exceptional expertise. Vive Mars Marketing Lead Tim Wen commented, “Virtual production necessitates the flawless coordination of cameras, lenses, live 3D rendering engines, and camera tracking solutions. HTC Vive Mars provides a professional camera tracking solution designed to make this technology accessible to studios without incurring prohibitive costs or complexity. A crucial element in facilitating its adoption is the presence of technically adept partners capable of showcasing, training, and providing assistance with the product. Spring Forest Studio has demonstrated its proficiency through hands-on demonstrations in its advanced green screen studio, offering setup guidance, and delivering technical support post-purchase. With their profound expertise in the field, Spring Forest can craft a customized proof of concept within their studio to meet the unique requirements of those venturing into Virtual Production technology.”

Spring Forest Studio’s dedication extends to making virtual production technology accessible and affordable to businesses and educational institutions in Singapore and the surrounding region. Their hands-on approach and profound understanding of hardware and software set them apart as trailblazers in this dynamic field.

As they embark on this exhilarating journey, Spring Forest Studio invites businesses, schools, and video production houses to explore the limitless possibilities that virtual production technology brings. Partnering with HTC Vive Mars and Aximmetry, they are poised to empower others to bring their creative visions to life in an innovative and groundbreaking manner.

Michael Koh, the visionary leader behind Spring Forest Studio, founded the company in 2017. His passion for innovative technology and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional services have been the driving forces propelling Spring Forest Studio to its current position of prominence.

A relentless pursuit of excellence has marked Michael’s journey in live streaming services and virtual production. Under his leadership, Spring Forest Studio has thrived, becoming a trusted name in the industry. Michael’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements has led to strategic partnerships with industry giants like Unreal Engine/Aximmetry, HTC Vive Mars, Vmix Pro workstations, and the VHall China streaming platform.

At Spring Forest Studio, one-size-fits-all solutions are never an option. Every client is unique, and their needs and objectives are considered when crafting customized plans. Our experienced professionals work closely with each client to ensure their events are brought to life, aligning with their vision and goals.

The possibilities are boundless as Spring Forest Studio ventures into uncharted territory. Michael Koh and his dedicated team continue to explore new technologies and partnerships that will further elevate the quality of live-streaming services and virtual production solutions.

For more information about Spring Forest Studio and their virtual production solutions, or to get in touch directly, please visit their website at or contact Michael Koh at [email protected].

About Spring Forest Studio Pte Ltd:
Established in 2017 by Michael Koh, Spring Forest Studio Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based event and streaming production company specializing in live webinars, live events, hybrid event live streaming, and hybrid event live feed services. We leverage cutting-edge technology partnerships with Unreal Engine/Aximmetry, HTC Vive Mars, Vmix Pro workstations, and the VHall China streaming platform to provide top-notch solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the success of live events, from concept to execution. Trust Spring Forest Studio for high-quality live-streaming services that meet your objectives.

Michael Koh
Spring Forest Studio Pte Ltd
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