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“Reviewed By Astrid Iustulin for Readers’ Favorite

Love is one of the deepest and most complex feelings a human being can experience, but we must never forget that when we talk about love, it has been given to us by God. There is a lot of confusion on this topic nowadays, and we must sit down and think seriously about it. A book like Love Has No Feelings by Harvey Brooks will surely help Christian readers clarify their ideas about love once and for all. The author shares with them many thoughts and true stories of people who have tried to make sense of love in their relationships, be it in marriage, friendship, or ties with children an relatives. It is a journey that readers will be encouraged to take to discover everything they need to know about this fascinating subject.

Love Has No Feelings was a thought-provoking read, thanks to the many true stories that Harvey Brooks shares. Nothing is better than learning about a topic through other people’s experiences because this gives you insights you might not otherwise have shared. I think that the author was correct when he included these stories and gave them so much prominence. I must point out that Brooks says things directly and persuasively, so it is interesting to read his opinions because they are often opposite to what we hear today. I recommend this work to anyone seeking advice or clarity about love and looking for a book to illuminate their path.”

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