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Chris Kyle is committed to helping coaches, authors, speakers and experts generate millions of dollars online while creating a massive impact on the world.

USA, September 29, 2023 / — “It was like the Gold Rush Days when I first started. You could just throw an online course out there and people would come flocking and you’d make great money…but not anymore…”

Gone are the days of selling a hastily built course and making hundreds of thousands of dollars. While the online education industry is poised to grow to 350 billion dollars by 2025, it’s getting a lot harder to truly stand out and create successful online learning programs in this highly lucrative space.

In a rapidly growing online education market, building online courses requires a focus on quality, authenticity, and transformation if they are going to succeed in a crowded market. Chris Kyle, with 14 years of experience in eLearning and online marketing, has dedicated his career to revolutionizing this space. Using his proven course creation and launch model, he coaches and guides mission-driven individuals and small businesses in creating transformative and lucrative online courses that engage and inspire people. He likes to say: “We need LESS information and MORE transformation in the online learning arena.” Here’s his story.

Creating A Transformative Digital Learning Experience

Chris’s career is an interesting one. For more than twenty years, he has assisted small businesses and entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses through marketing strategies, business consulting, and more. After many years of doing that, he ended up joining one of his clients to help grow their company from the inside. The company, Evolving Wisdom, had a simple idea back in 2008 – to create a transformative learning experience in an online setting. Although this was before the advent of Zoom and other key online learning platforms, the company was a huge success. In just under 2 years, he contributed to the exponential growth from 300k to 10 million in revenue. It was a thrilling time for Chris: “We would create a learning course, promote it with our JV partners and thousands would sign up. It was the lift of e-learning.”

Following that success, in 2011, he left to start his own company. Working with coaching giants such as Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Dr. Cindy McGovern, and others to build massive coaching programs and sell over 40 million books around the world. After spending years helping coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, and organizations around the world, he knew it was time to put into practice what he was teaching.

Creating Launch Academy

Seven years ago, Chris launched his own training program, Launch Academy. Today, Launch Academy is the flagship training program that Chris and his team offer for coaches, authors, speakers, teachers and experts looking to create, market, and launch their A-level course.

Through gamification, High-Level coaching, tested processes, and transformative methods, he has helped thousands of aspiring course creators around the world do exactly that. But it’s not as easy as some might think. He emphasizes, “You can’t just put little products together and hope to make money at night; I want to help my students create amazing courses that transform lives.” His unique approach hinges on four essential elements that set him apart:

Create a Transformative Learning Experience: Before anything else, Chris helps his clients work out the content of their digital training program.” I always ask my clients, “What knowledge or expertise do you have to share? How can you package that to be an engaging digital course?”Once this is finalized, it’s time to record and form the curriculum.

The Black Box: or Enrolling Messaging. This is where Chris believes the secret sauce lies. He stresses the importance of understanding client avatars and proper messaging. Chris elaborates, “You need to pull on aspiration, desire, and the problem that your course will address. No one does that intuitively or on their own.” With years of experience working with a variety of audiences, Chris and his team have perfected how to create the perfect messaging.

Effective and Converting Marketing: His techniques go beyond traditional marketing strategies, focusing on targeted, responsive methods that convert.

Engagement Through Technology: Teaching his clients how to use technology to run their course and connect with an audience is a large part of what he teaches. While it may be a learning curve for some, Chris and his team help his clients master the technology needed to run their course.

While Chris admits that the methods are a lot more “nuanced” than this simple four-step process, by guiding his students through this basic formula, he has helped coaches, authors and other experts go from ‘broke with an idea’ to making 6,7 or 8 figures a year from their knowledge and expertise. He shares more of his methods in his newly released ebook.

In Summary

Chris’ success, founded on the simple principle of creating transformative digital learning experiences, is a testament to the power of creating quality online education. His method is distinct, and his results speak for themselves. You can follow him for more insights and coaching at or grab a copy of his ebook here.

Chris Kyle
Chris Kyle
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