NOSHOWS “Slow Up” Featuring AUD

Max Satow, NOSHOWS and AUD, Rapper "Slow Up"

Max Satow, NOSHOWS and AUD, Rapper “Slow Up”

Max Satow, American Singer/ Songwriter/ NOSHOWS band

Max Satow, American Singer/ Songwriter/ NOSHOWS band

NOSHOWS- American band

NOSHOWS- American band

NYC Max Satow, NOSHOWS, & LA Rapper AUD Deliver Audible Prescription For Anxiety – “Slow Up” – World’s First “Feel Good” Song

It’s okay to pause and chill out for a minute. Maybe we all need to slow down a bit and give ourselves a break… we can tackle whatever challenges come our way with more energy and clarity of mind.”

— Max Satow, American Singer/ Songwriter – NOSHOWS Band

NEW YORK CITY , NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 30, 2023/ — NYC singer-songwriter Max Satow and his popular collective Noshows latest track and new music video “Slow Up” – featuring rising LA rapper AUD, delivers an audible prescription for coping stress and anxiety. Satow found a fascinating niche as a singer/ songwriter by fusing the explorations of the inner workings of the mind with a wildly eclectic blend of hip-hop, funk, jazz, alt-rock and self- styled “indie hop”. “Slow Up” is a funky, liberating take on anxiety and shares a modern ‘feel good’ perspective on coping with stress, “Slow up/ Chill out/ What goes up must come down/ It’s something that I found/ Right here, right now. . .Let’s come back to the ground now.” The anthemic hook whimsically but pointedly provides a modern stance on struggling with anxiety and coping with stress. Written and produced by Satow, the edgy, trippy, infectiously funky track features a wildly adventurous high-octane rap by AUD, a fast emerging, well-traveled L.A. based hip-hop artist and multi-instrumentalist.

After Satow’s verse about life moving “too fast, too slow,” paranoia, switched perceptions and the desire to “puff and float away right now” followed by a second chorus, AUD takes the reigns for a powerhouse flow about gaining peace. Importantly, she reminds listeners about being “focused on the blessings, How it came with all the lessons” and pushing away from those “sending some stresses”.

“Though ‘Slow Up’ has a pretty intense groove, I generally see my vibe as laid back, and I was blown away by the fiery energy AUD brought to the track, which added a whole new and important dimension,” says Satow, whose band has gained a loyal fan base from its electrifying shows at NYC venues like Bowery Electric, Rockwood Music Hall, Baby’s All Right, and the Pleasantville Music Festival.

“The song encourages intentionally slowing down when life becomes too fast paced. I’ve come to realize how crucial it is to step back and evaluate my well being since it has a significant impact on my mental state. As I was writing it, I thought about my own struggles with anxiety and coping mechanisms, and rather than go dark, I wanted to shed a positive light on that. “The chorus,” Satow adds, “is a good reminder that it’s okay to pause and chill out for a minute. Maybe we all need to slow down a bit and give ourselves a break. In doing so, we can tackle whatever challenges come our way with more energy and clarity of mind.”

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Satow’s lifelong fascination with the chaos and psyche of the human mind – and his advocacy of such health issues – in part has its roots in his family’s founding of The Jed Foundation, a non-profit devoted to protecting emotional health and prevention of teen and young adult suicide by giving them the skills and support needed to thrive. The Jed Foundation was inspired by and named after the singer’s uncle.

Satow’s is currently creating a mental health hub of his own with ‘Magnify the Mind‘, a social media-based community whose mission is to both educate people about these issues and offer a safe space for comfort and support, particularly among today’s youth. “It’s important to me because besides my own struggles, I have a lot of personal experience with friends, peers, and family members who have struggled with anxiety, depression and other challenges,” he says. “These topics have always been a part of the music of Noshows, and I’m eager to extend this aesthetic into more active community involvement.”

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NOSHOWS Feat. AUD – SLOW UP (Official Video)

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