Lundun Taylor, aka Bigg Cyfa, releases long awaited debut album on May 31, 2024

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, May 8, 2024 / — After years of anticipation and speculation, Bigg Cyfa emerges from the shadows to present his groundbreaking debut album, “Finally.” Set to be released worldwide on May 31, 2024, “Finally” is poised to ignite the music scene with its raw authenticity, electrifying beats and empowering lyrics. Bigg Cyfa has been the best-kept secret of the rap world, honing his craft and waiting for the perfect moment to unleash his powerful gifts of storytelling and magnetic charisma. Now, with “Finally,” he emerges as a forced to be reckoned with, proving that dreams deferred only fuel the fire of determination. From the pulsating beats that demand attention to the poignant lyrics that speak directly to the soul, each song on the album is a masterpiece, destined to empower millions around the globe.

Bigg Cyfa, known for his unwavering commitment to personal growth and his dedication to uplifting others, is using his platform to send a powerful message to aspiring artists everywhere: never give up, persistently seek opportunities and every voice deserves to be heard.

“Finally” is not just an album release; it’s a revolution. The world will witness the dawn of an era in Hip-Hop as Bigg Cyfa takes his well-deserved place among the pantheon of rap legends. The time has come to experience the hottest beats, the most electrifying rhymes and the undeniable spirit of triumph that defines “Finally,” a Jesse Del Queens production.

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