MONROEVILLE, PA, USA, May 28, 2024 / — Dexter B. of Abingdon, MD is the creator of the Collapsible Outdoor Shower, a portable shower system constructed with a cylindrical design capable of offering better efficiency and privacy when bathing outdoors. The system can be hung from an outdoor area like a sturdy tree branch and used to shower and bathe in private while hiking, camping, and much more. The shower measures 6-feet tall and 4-feet in width and offers simple and convenient setup and takedown in any outdoor location where it can be mounted.

The collapsible outdoor shower comprises a superior structure, a capture pan, and a lateral bracing structure. The lateral bracing structure secures the capture pan to the superior structure. The superior structure suspends the collapsible outdoor shower from an externally provisioned structure. The lateral bracing structure forms the private space that encloses the client. The capture pan forms a protected surface on which the client stands while in the private space.

From a stored position, users can extend the collapsible rods until it is fully open. The rods have detent holes to extend and lock the rods in place. A mildew resistant curtain lines the stall. The outdoor shower can serve various purposes, including personal hygiene, gear cleaning, cooling down, and reducing environmental impact. Its benefits include increased comfort, convenience, and well-being while camping or hiking in the great outdoors. Users can maintain optimal hygiene and health to improve their overall outdoor experiences and excursions.

Markets for outdoor shower systems have experienced significant growth and diversification in recent years, driven by various factors such as lifestyle trends, technological advancements, environmental considerations, and increased interest in outdoor activities like hiking and camping. There is a growing demand for eco-friendly outdoor shower systems that promote water conservation and sustainability. This includes water-efficient showerheads, solar-powered heating systems, recycled materials, and rainwater harvesting options. Manufacturers are also looking for outdoor showers that are much easier and more convenient to set up and take down when compared to current market products.

The Collapsible Outdoor Shower is versatile and innovative, offering easy and convenient application while utilizing minimal water for bathing. Instead of requiring multiple tools and specific areas for mounting, the shower system can be set up in virtually any outdoor location for showering, cooling down, cleaning gear and equipment, and much more.

Dexter was issued his Utility Patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and is working closely with InventionHome, a leading invention licensing firm, to sell or license the patent rights to his Collapsible Outdoor Shower product. Ideal licensing candidates would be U.S. based product manufacturers or distributors looking to further develop and distribute this product innovation.

Companies interested in the Collapsible Outdoor Shower can contact InventionHome at [email protected]. Inventors currently looking for assistance in patenting, marketing, or licensing their invention can request information from InventionHome at [email protected] or by calling 1-866-844-6512.

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