Integrated Therapy Associates Addresses Intergenerational Trauma with Specialized Therapy Programs

Integrated Therapy Associates in Wilmington, NC, offers therapy for healing intergenerational trauma, focusing on personalized care.

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2024 / — Integrated Therapy Associates (ITA) in Wilmington, North Carolina, is addressing the complex issue of intergenerational trauma with focused therapeutic practices. Led by Dr. Yael Gold, a licensed psychologist, ITA offers specialized treatment aimed at healing traumas passed through generations. This form of trauma can arise from historical events such as war, displacement, or violence and may impact individuals across multiple generations without their awareness.

At ITA, the healing process begins with the recognition of these hidden traumas. The clinic’s therapists support their clients in acknowledging and understanding the traumatic experiences inherited from their ancestors. This first step is crucial as it lays the groundwork for exploring how these past traumas affect current behaviors and relationships.

The second phase of therapy involves clients bearing witness to their ancestors’ traumas. This sensitive stage requires clients to confront and comprehend these experiences, a process facilitated with care by ITA’s therapists. The aim is to allow for a thoughtful reflection on these narratives without becoming overwhelmed.

The next stage focuses on shifting how individuals view their ancestors’ lives, moving from a narrative of trauma to one of survival and resilience. Dr. Gold emphasizes the importance of this perspective shift: “It’s about moving from victimhood to empowerment, recognizing the strength and resilience of those who came before us.”

Ancestral medicine, another component of ITA’s approach, uses visualization exercises to help clients connect with their lineage. This phase fosters a deeper connection to one’s heritage and utilizes the support of past generations, which can be an enlightening experience for many.

The final stage, post-traumatic growth, marks a period where clients often see significant personal development. After addressing the traumas, clients may find themselves experiencing greater creativity and connectivity with others, signaling substantial progress in their healing journey.

ITA is sensitive to the cultural and historical contexts of the traumas addressed, tailoring their therapeutic approaches to fit each client’s unique needs. The center offers various therapy formats, all designed to support the client’s preferences and requirements.

As ITA continues its work in trauma-informed psychotherapy, it serves as a resource for individuals and families looking to heal from the complex legacy of intergenerational trauma. The center remains dedicated to supporting its clients through a structured and empathetic therapeutic process.

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Integrated Therapy Associates, based in Wilmington, North Carolina, specializes in psychotherapy with a focus on intergenerational trauma. The center combines expert knowledge and a compassionate approach to address emotional and psychological trauma inherited across generations. Led by Dr. Yael Gold, the team at Integrated Therapy Associates is dedicated to providing comprehensive therapy that fosters healing and personal growth.

Yael Gold, Ph.D. – Licensed Psychologist
Integrated Therapy Associates
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