Inspiring Resilience: Janice E. Holliman Releases “I AM A SURVIVOR”

A True Story of Faith, Hope, and Endurance Through Life’s Greatest Challenges

UNITED STATES, June 7, 2024 / — Author Janice E. Holliman proudly announces the release of her heartfelt autobiography, “I AM A SURVIVOR,” a powerful narrative chronicling her extraordinary journey through severe illnesses and personal trials. This inspiring book is now available for purchase through and major online book retailers.

“I AM A SURVIVOR” delves into the life of Janice E. Holliman, detailing her unwavering faith, hope, and endurance amid numerous health challenges. Born with Crohn’s disease, Janice has faced a multitude of medical issues, including fourteen blood clots, toxic gut syndrome, colitis, tumors, ulcers, vertigo, weight fluctuations, pregnancies, and multiple surgeries. Her health battles also encompass COPD, asthma, sleep apnea, heart disease, diabetes, and more. Despite these hardships, Janice’s story is a testament to the heart of a fighter and the spirit of a survivor.

Drawing inspiration from Reba McEntire’s empowering anthem, “I’m a Survivor,” Janice’s memoir is filled with true stories, poems, and visual media that provide a deeply personal glimpse into her life. Her narrative offers encouragement and hope, emphasizing that resilience and determination can help overcome even the most daunting challenges.

Janice E. Holliman has lived a life marked by resilience and strength. Graduating from high school and embarking on a varied career, she has battled numerous health issues while maintaining an optimistic outlook. Her experiences have made her an authority on survival, and she shares her wisdom and positivity through her writing. Janice’s life and work resonate with readers, mirroring the indomitable spirit of Reba McEntire.

Janice wrote “I AM A SURVIVOR” after persistent encouragement from her doctors, who recognized the inspirational power of her story. Her gastroenterologist, in particular, insisted that her experiences could offer hope and guidance to others. His belief in her story’s potential impact motivated Janice to share her journey with the world, aiming to help others navigate their own challenges with courage and faith.

Janice’s primary message to readers is one of empowerment and positivity. She urges individuals to embrace the mindset of a survivor, to help others, and to look for ways to better themselves despite life’s difficulties. Her book encourages readers to open their hearts and minds, to find joy even in dark times, and to learn from their experiences. Janice believes that by sharing her story, she can inspire others to fight their battles with resilience and love, ultimately declaring, “I AM A SURVIVOR,” and encouraging others to “BE A SURVIVOR TOO.”

For more information about Janice E. Holliman and her inspiring work, visit “I AM A SURVIVOR” is now available for purchase on her website and at major online book retailers.

About Janice E. Holliman

Janice E. Holliman’s life is a testament to the power of faith, hope, and resilience. Despite facing numerous health challenges, she has remained a beacon of strength and inspiration. Through her writing, Janice shares her journey and the lessons she has learned, providing a guiding light for others navigating their own struggles.

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