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Indignor House to send proceeds from sale of Fish Scales to Maui Fire Victims

Maybe we can make their future a little brighter.”

— Lynn Yvonne Moon

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, August 19, 2023/ — Indignor House Publishing has committed to donating proceeds from the sale of “Fish Scales” written by Lynn Yvonne Moon to the Maui fire victims. The devastation has broken our hearts, and we have come up with a way to help. All proceeds, hard back (ISBN 978-1-953278-09-8), soft back (ISBN 978-1-953278-08-1), and ebook (ISBN 978-1-953278-10-4 E) will be donated directly to the victims. Although we understand this will not happen overnight, perhaps we can make their future a little brighter. All proceeds from the novel Fish Scales sold today until forever will be donated.

“If we could sell only 500,000 copies worldwide, the amount donated would be over a million dollars!” said author Lynn Yvonne Moon. “To help the victims keep their homes means everything to me. And my prayers go out to them daily.”

“That fire was terrifying, and I agree,” Shannon M. Pearson said. “We want to help, and this is the only way we can.”

“Fish Scales” is a coming-of-age novel about grief, and how one teen learns how to survive.


It was their time. A time to play, a time to learn and a time to love. When he first saw Dru, Jarrod couldn’t believe his eyes. He just stood there and watched as a goddess ran across the grass and into the wind. What was that wonderful aroma … Jasmine? Their love was perfect. Their love was pure. Life was wonderful. And then, the name calling started.

“Dru’s a witch!”

“Kill her!”

Jarrod and Dru ignored the shouts and glaring stares. Even when Steven, the town clown, warned them about the rumors of Voodoo and Hoodoo, the two turned their backs and walked away. All was ignored until that one fateful day when Jarrod found Dru’s lifeless body on his backyard dock.

Fish Scales explores the excitement and newness of young love and how death affects everyone and everything that surrounds a life’s force. The five stages of grief are real, and Jarrod must learn how to rebuild his life and work through his emotions while burying the only woman he ever loved.

Help save an island of dreams by buying your copy of Fish Scales today.

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or wherever good books are sold.

Once you purchase your book, notify Indignor House and the author will send you a personal thank you. Indignor House owners and employees are excited and pray that you will help us to help them.

ISBN 978-1-953278-09-8 Hard Back

ISBN 978-1-953278-08-1 Soft Back

ISBN 978-1-953278-10-4 E-Book

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