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Da Emperor’s Children, Highly Anticipated New Album From Black Cat Bill Just Released….Did Dropout Kings’s original member Eddie Wellz go solo?

STUDIO CITY, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The streets and industry experts are talking about trap-metal band Dropout Kings‘s Black Cat Bill’s new L.P. entitled Da Emperor’s Children that dropped last week. This album delivers an eclectic presentation of hip-hop, E.D.M., and rock, like a Bob Marley meets Andre 3000 moment with its unique flavor.

Black Cat Bill (also known as rock-rapper Eddie Wellz) has not done a solo album since 2016. He is an original band member of Suburban Noize Records’s Dropout Kings, who’s built a substantial following after several tours in the U.S. and Europe, not to mention the dozens of music videos demonstrating an abstract trend dubbed as ‘riot music.’

Right now ’Da Emperor’s Children’ LP has a free audio streaming preview online and can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Deezer.


The intro track ‘Enochi’ is a melodic new age R&B-jazz tune that delivers smooth vocals that are laid back.

Track 5, ‘Psyclops,’ and Track 8, ‘Antennacles,’ and Track 13, ‘Chaos Reign,’ demonstrate the Dropout King’s trademark sounds. D.K. fans will more than likely take a liking to these tunes.

Track 6, ‘W.A.R.’, and Track 7, ‘Space Cowboy 2,’ Black Cat Bill spits prolific bars over dark melodic grooves to show that he’s not just another rapper with mediocre lyrical skills. Track 10, ‘Solemn Oath’, carries the same vibe.

Track 11, ‘Solar Sails’, is a hypnotic neo-R&B groove that is super laid back. This song is one of the best tracks on the album.

Track 12, ‘Ahrimans Dream,’ is a radio-friendly cut for the R&B/Urban format. This song sounds a lot like an Usher track.

Track 15, the final track of the L.P., ‘Riptune’, has an EDM-jazz groove that sounds like a Maxwell cut. The beat is laid back and is very radio-friendly.

In general, the album provides a variety of genres that D.K. fans and new fans that may listen to Maxwell, Chris Brown, Usher, Wiz Kalifah, or Andre 3000 can appreciate. Da Emperor’s Children L.P. has the potential to capture a broader audience than Black Cat Bill’s prior album ‘Amina Sol‘ (performed by his other stage name, “Eddie Wellz”), released this time seven years ago. These comparisons to music superstars do not say that Black Cat Bill is ‘biting’ their style. This observation merely means this ‘Da Emperor’s Children’ is ‘sui generis,’ as is hit records from the music artists previously mentioned.

Additionally, a handful of tracks on ‘Da Emperior’s Children’ are radio friendly and qualify for multiple radio formats, unlike the former LP from 2016 that leaned more toward a roots rap vibe, not as radio friendly.

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Black Cat Bill – Da Emperor’s Children (Full Album on YouTube)

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