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A new Finnish digital marketing agency promises a full refund if Google rankings don’t improve.

I’ve been the owner of an e-commerce shop for 15 years now, and SEO has always been an integral part of my routine. I want to share my knowledge so other businesses can improve their Google rankings.”

— CEO Petteri Pucilowski

KUOPIO, FINLAND, February 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s true: in 2024 a business’s approach to Search Engine Optimization can be the difference between its success, failure, or staying stagnant. In that spirit, Hakukonevelhot, a Finland-based digital marketing agency specializing in local SEO and e-commerce optimization, recently announced its official launch. In a bold move sure to set the firm apart from and above the pack, Hakukonevelhot is offering a 90-day “search results guarantee,” promising a full refund if a client’s search engine rankings fail to improve during the campaign.

Hakukonevelhot, which translates to “Search Engine Wizards”, has set a goal of becoming a leading player not only in the Finnish market but also worldwide. With the company’s commitment to excellence and a team led by CEO Petteri Pucilowski and Marketing and Sales Manager Aleksi Pucilowski, Hakukonevelhot aims to help businesses enhance their online presence and drive more sales using the latest and best strategies available.

According to the agency, highlights of its services include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Hakukonevelhot’s SEO service focuses on helping businesses connect with their target audience by improving search engine visibility. The agency ensures super-targeted traffic to clients’ websites, ultimately generating more sales.

Link Building: The agency employs a comprehensive approach to backlink building, emphasizing link research, outreach, and building. The primary goal is to enhance a website’s credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Content Production: Hakukonevelhot develops content production strategies based on thorough market research and carefully selected keywords. The agency produces high-quality, optimized content, including blog posts, case studies, and infographics.

Competitor Analysis: The Hakukonevelhot team analyzes competitors’ content to understand audience needs and identifies opportunities to add value to clients’ offerings.

E-commerce SEO: Hakukonevelhot provides tailored SEO services for online shops, covering everything from keyword research and internal optimization to technical enhancements and content production.

Social Media and YouTube: Recognizing the importance of social media and YouTube in SEO, Hakukonevelhot integrates these platforms into a holistic strategy, leveraging them for content distribution and video optimization.

Technical Optimization: With a focus on load time optimization, Hakukonevelhot ensures websites provide the best possible user experience.

Hakukonevelhot’s 90-day search results guarantee stands out in an industry where guarantees are rare, reflecting the company’s confidence in its ability to deliver tangible results for clients. As the agency expands its reach beyond Finland, businesses worldwide now have a promising partner in pursuing enhanced online visibility and increased sales.

For businesses interested in boosting their online presence and search engine rankings, Hakukonevelhot invites inquiries and project discussions. To learn more or schedule a consultation with the team, visit https://hakukonevelhot.fi.

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