Maria Silba Founder & CEO of Exquisite Introductions

Exquisite Introductions is the most exclusive matchmaking and dating agency in Los Angeles as well as at the international level.

At Exquisite Introductions we aim to provide a high-end service for our members and elevate their love lives. Our goal is to make sure our clients have a great experience and find love!”

— Maria Silba – Founder & CEO of Exquisite Introductions

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2023/ — The internet has shrunk the world, it is possible to search for anything, but no one expected that finding a meaningful relationship online would be possible. Exquisite Introductions has made it possible with its extraordinary range of services. Since 2018, Exquisite Introductions, the high-end matchmaking agency, has been offering singles top-notch opportunities to meet like-minded people worldwide. The matchmaking staff has a unique system and experience that ensure the needs of the clients are served first, rather than facilitating in-person dates based on intuition.

About the company

The company has offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, Century City, Orange County, San Jose, Tampa, Florida, Miami, New York, and San Francisco and planning to extend its reach to Washington DC, Canada, Australia, Paris, etc. With the growth of Exquisite Introductions, the company has shifted its focus on keeping the information and its services exclusive according to the clients’ demand. The high-end matchmaking agency has hired a team of experts that help singles in finding the partners they deserve and desire. 

Hiring a matchmaking agency to search for a suitable partner has become a trend. These days people are unwilling to take the stress of the search. Therefore, they hire professionals who provide recommendations to make their dating life easy. Some people are looking for long-term relationships, while others want a causal relationship where they can chat and hang out without any strings attached. Singles can speak with matchmakers and relay what they are searching for so that these professionals can help them with the conversations and materialize things into actual dates.                                                                            

Several options are available online, but there is no way to determine how compatible or available these people are. This is where Exquisite Introductions come to the rescue and help in the search for compatible partners. The award-winning matchmaking company Exquisite Introductions is much more than a company with a database of singles; the company even offers date coaching services. 

Concluding Remark

Exquisite Introductions is not an online service provider; they meet personally with everyone interested in their services. On the other hand, they encourage singles to meet each other face to face for detailed interaction so that they are able to see themselves developing and nurturing meaningful relationships. The staff at Exquisite Introductions interviews all the singles and conduct a detailed background check to ensure members’ safety. Therefore, unlike other online dating websites, Exquisite Introductions can claim that all listed members in the network are the same as they claim.

What do the clients of Exquisite Introductions say?                                    

~ Donald Ford~                                                                           

This has been the best service; Maria is an experienced and talented matchmaker. She has introduced me to the most sophisticated and beautiful women; I can only thank all of the staff and Maria for their wonderful determination to help me find love. I recommend this company, it’s an exclusive, high-end matchmaking service, and they are professional.

Lily & John                                                                   

It’s been almost 2 years now that we’ve been married; I would not have met John without the help from Exquisite Introductions. Maria and her team are experts and provide the best services in the industry; they’ve always been responsive and shown that they really care. She’s a talented matchmaker, has one of the biggest databases in the industry, and found me, my dream partner!                                                                  

Steve & Sofia                                                                                

“Sofia is the woman of my dreams that I was looking for. The best part was we had access to Exquisite Introductions concierge service to make the experience even better. Their matchmakers attended our wedding in San Diego! This has been the best thing that has happened to me; I’m genuinely grateful that I joined Exquisite Introductions.”                                                                                                            

Maria has been helping singles to have a healthy dating life. Exquisite Introductions invite the attention of new singles who are willing to stop swiping and start dating. 

Maria Silba Founder & CEO of
Exquisite Introductions
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