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A book that takes the reader on a journey to understand and style themselves.

Elements Air, Water, Fire, or Earth align personality qualities and the most flattering fabrics, textures, hemlines, and necklines to wear.”

— Kim Bieber

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 21, 2023 / — E&R Publishing is proud to announce a new title for 2023 in time for holiday gift purchases. Glamoury, Find Your Beauty Through The Elements, by Kim Bieber.

Seasonal color analysis, once big in the 80’s, is back! It’s trending on Instagram and TikTok thanks to Gen Z and Millenials who are searching for a personal way to sharpen their style. But until now, no incarnation of the system has taken the guesswork out. Author Kim Bieber notes that you either visit an expert or “type” yourself through quizzes and color-draping apps.

Glamoury, Find Your Beauty Through The Elements picks up where Color Me Beautiful, the New York Times bestseller of the 1980s, left off by adding an elemental component that “types” the reader accurately through numerology—-but it’s more than just colors, the wisdom gleaned from your element—-Air, Water, Fire, or Earth—includes personality qualities and the most flattering fabrics, textures, hemlines, and necklines to wear. In fact, the book takes the reader on a journey to understand and style themselves, to allow the beauty within to show.

“Style is so much more than color. It’s how you think, move, and feel, explains Bieber. In Glamoury, it’s done through the ancient wisdom of the elements. The same wisdom that is the basis of healing practices in Chinese, Vedic, and Native American cultures. This has never been done before in fashion, and it is truly exciting.

Praise for Kim Bieber’s Glamoury.

“Kim has demystified the process of color analysis. There’s no more guessing. You use numerology to find your element! It’s incredibly accurate.” Jill Wintersteen—Astrologer & Founder of Spirit Daughter

“I can’t imagine a better time for this book to come out. With the unique angle of using numerology, Kim has moved the needle. It’s an entirely new and modern system to freshen up one’s appearance. It’s a delight and truly useful.”— Lecie Meyers, celebrity hairstylist

“I have spent my life in beauty, tending to some of the most recognizable faces in the industry. Glamoury is an incredible addition to the beauty space. It makes it so easy to find the best colors and styles to wear and discover yourself in the process.” —Lisa Wilson, aesthetician

Kim Bieber is a daughter, mother, yoga teacher, and film producer. Her element is Water.

Readers can begin their journey at, where they can use the Glamoury calculator to identify their element immediately using only their birth name and date.

Released today on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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