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Empathetic A.I. in action is Ema. This mobile app launched an A.I. companion capable of noticing signs of postpartum depression guiding mothers through a path of triage using A.I.-led conversations.”

— Rodney Hess, Director of Growth, Ema

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The United States faces a sobering reality, with one of the highest maternal mortality rates among high-income countries and 60% of these deaths being preventable. Studies show that women from underserved communities, particularly women of color and those in poverty, experience higher rates of mistreatment during pregnancy or postpartum care, contributing to these high mortality rates.

Advancements in empathetic A.I., like the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) developed by OpenAI, have the potential to revolutionize maternal health by improving communication, removing barriers to education, and providing more comprehensive care coordination. This technology can assist healthcare providers in tasks such as documentation, chart abstraction, and natural language processing, improving clinicians’ abilities to predict, diagnose, detect, and monitor various health indicators.

GPT can also play a significant role in remote care coordination and symptom tracking, helping to collect accurate data from patients in a user-friendly way.

By enhancing the patient experience, GPT can free up clinicians to spend more time in meaningful clinical encounters. This technology can be particularly helpful in assisting new mothers in monitoring their postpartum recovery and identifying common postpartum complications.

One example of empathetic A.I. in action is Ema. This Texas-based mobile app has launched an A.I. companion capable of noticing signs of postpartum depression and guiding mothers through a path of triage using A.I.-led conversations.

A.I.-powered systems can also navigate and summarize complex electronic health records (EHRs), improving patient-provider communication and providing valuable insights into the health of pregnant women. These systems can analyze social determinants of health to identify patients at higher risk of poor maternal outcomes.

Machine learning models, like those developed at the Mayo Clinic, can predict the outcomes of vaginal deliveries based on patterns of change in pregnant patients in labor, resulting in more individualized clinical decisions. This technology can also provide personalized and insightful treatment regimens for patients.

GPT can revolutionize medical research by summarizing and translating research papers from around the world in a matter of seconds, helping to sift through the ever-growing amount of medical knowledge.

Advancements in A.I. can help address racial and socioeconomic disparities in maternal health, improving outcomes for pregnant women in underserved communities. A.I. can provide powerful guidance to remote physicians and midwives, making critical decisions during the labor process and helping to transfer patients to the appropriate level of care.

“As technology advances, we expect to see increased integration of A.I. in the medical field, leading to a more efficient and effective healthcare system,” says Amanda Ducach, CEO of Ema. “AI will revolutionize healthcare in ways we can only imagine, with startups like Ema already changing the landscape by making care more accessible for women or people with a uterus.”

ABOUT EMA: Ema connects you to the friends you need and the wellness support you can trust. Ema is an empathetic AI guide from fertility to menopause. Her role is to offer support and assistance with women’s health to help reduce anxiety. Ema can do anything from helping recognize signs of postpartum depression to providing a diabetes-friendly brownie recipe. Our wellness community is a safe and ethical place for women to feel happier and healthier. Ema supports women socially, psychologically, and physically through our friendship and wellness resources to make the journey of femalehood a little easier.

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