Cruz Rock – Melodia – Album Cover

Cruz Rock - Melodia - Music Video

Cruz Rock – Melodia – Music Video

NEW YORK, NY, USA, April 6, 2023/ — When Latin Caribbean singer Cruz Rock first heard the beat for “Melodia,” he was inspired to create a song that would move his fans physically and emotionally. The song tells the story of a man inspired to sing melodies by a woman’s vibes, energy, and presence that can’t escape his head. Most of the bilingual bop was freestyled as the lyrics effortlessly flowed out of Cruz. Produced by Nolberto Cruz Hernandez, the Latin Afrobeat track has amassed half a million streams on Spotify alone.

“​​My method to writing hits is that the universe is waiting for you to open the library of ideas that it has,” says Cruz Rock. “If creating a melody or song becomes difficult then i will move on. It is usually the first melodies that come to mind that make the song for me. I will not listen to an instrumental until I am in the right state of mind and the vibes are right, because once I hear the chord progressions and elements of the beat, I instantly come up with ideas. If the first idea isn’t a hit i will only give it 1 or 2 more tries before passing on it. Creativity should never be forced, it is an effortless flow of ideas.”

With over half a million views and counting, “Melodia’s” music video was filmed in Santiago, Dominican Republic, and was directed by M-Key Anoda Level, Alberdis Collado, and Pedro Castro. Watch the alluring video on YouTube at

Cruz Rock (born Frankie Garcia) is a Latin Caribbean Singer, SongWriter and Producer from St. Croix, U.S.Virgin Islands. His heritage traces back to Trinidad & Tobago as well as San Juan, Puerto Rico and Vieques. Born to a Trinidadian mother and a Puerto Rican father he is a mixture of two very influential cultures. He creates a variety of music fusing a Caribbean, American and Latin style that is undeniably attractive to listeners.


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