Complete Brand Reputation Audit in 2 Days: New Service from RCheckUP

Complete online reputation report showcasing a 1-10 brand reputation score for each digital channel, presented in infographics.

Digital CheckUP evaluates strengths and weaknesses and offers recommendations for reputation enhancement.

The service analyzes all digital communication channels , providing the customer with a full reputation audit report within just a few days.

DUBAI, UAE, March 15, 2024 / — RCheckUP, a global digital reputation agency, announces the launch of a new service, Digital CheckUP, designed to revolutionize brand reputation management in the digital sphere. The service analyzes all digital communication channels where the target brand is present, providing the customer with a full reputation audit report within just a few days.

In today’s digital age, where a whopping 63% of market value depends on a brand’s online reputation and 41% of companies have reported revenue loss due to negative online feedback, it’s crucial for businesses to monitor and manage their digital presence effectively.A significant challenge in conducting a comprehensive brand reputation audit lies in the complexity of evaluating reputation across diverse platforms.

Social media, search engines, feedback platforms, and online media all contribute to a brand’s image, but many brands struggle to monitor all of these channels effectively at the same time. This lack of comprehensive monitoring leaves them exposed to potential reputational crises and lost profits. Existing reputation measurement services often suffer from lengthy turnaround times, and limitations to specific channels. These limitations hinder brands from gaining a holistic understanding of their 360-degrees online presence and crafting effective business strategies.

RCheckUP addresses this gap by offering an AI-driven, comprehensive audit tool for brands and public figures’ digital reputation – Digital CheckUP. “Merging years of analytical expertise with best practices in AI and Big Data, we developed a highly automated reputation measurement system,” says Alexander Kuznetsov, CEO and founder of RCheckUP digital reputation agency.

“It analyzes all digital communication channels where your brand is present, including websites, social media, search engines, messengers, online media, feedback services, and more. It assesses your brand’s reputation score in each channel on a scale of 1 to 10, providing you with a complete picture of how your brand is perceived online – a full reputation audit report.” The service also evaluates strengths and weaknesses and offers recommendations for reputation enhancement.

How Digital CheckUP Works:

1. Application: The customer submits an application and provide information about their brand.

2. Audit: Within 2–3 days, analysts at RCheckUP agency conduct a thorough audit with the help of AI and Big Data-based tools, develop recommendations, and publish the results in the service system.

3. Implementation: The customer executes measures to enhance their digital presence based on the evaluations and recommendations received.

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About us:

RCheckUP is a global digital reputation agency that has been assisting businesses and governments in building their digital reputation since 2016. Based in the UAE, our client portfolio includes both global and national businesses in tech, automotive, financial and other verticals, as well as government institutions. Our services include consulting and strategy development, social media account management, analytics, addressing negative feedback, top officials’ reputation management, and more. Our innovative service, Digital CheckUP, enables a comprehensive audit of a brand’s digital reputation in just a few clicks with the help of AI and big data.

Katya Churbanova
RCheckUP Digital Reputation Agency
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