Subbi is an innovative Creator Operator agency.

Innovative new agency aims to help content creators monetise their audience.

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 13, 2023 / — In a groundbreaking move in the content creation industry, Subbi introduces a novel approach to empower digital influencers and content creators. With a mission to transform creative passion into profitable business ventures, Subbi provides an all-encompassing, end-to-end service that is reshaping the way content creators monetise their influence.

“The influencer economy is bustling with creativity and potential, yet a significant gap exists in turning this potential into a sustainable income,” said Jack Purdie, Founder of Subbi. “Our aim at Subbi is to bridge this gap, offering content creators not just tools, but a partnership to help them thrive financially.”

In an era where over 200 million content creators are vying for attention, the challenge of monetising their efforts is more prevalent than ever. Subbi addresses this challenge head-on by providing a seamless service that handles everything from product ideation to sales execution, targeting creators serious about tapping into new revenue streams.

Subbi’s services are particularly vital considering the current landscape where it takes content creators an average of six and a half months to earn their first dollar, and only a small fraction earn over $100K per year. By offering a comprehensive service, Subbi is committed to changing these statistics, starting with helping creators achieve their first £1000 in course sales.

“Content creation is an art, and every artist deserves to be rewarded for their craft,” Jack Purdie added. “At Subbi, we don’t just see content creators; we see emerging entrepreneurs ready to make their mark in the digital world. Our goal is to turn their online influence into a sustainable and profitable business model.”

Subbi invites content creators to join them in this journey of growth and profitability. The agency offers a free discovery call to align its services with the unique needs and aspirations of each creator.

About Subbi

Subbi is an innovative agency dedicated to helping content creators leverage their audience to establish profitable digital products. By providing a full spectrum of services from product creation to market launch, Subbi is turning content creators into successful entrepreneurs in the digital age.

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