BlackFamilyChat AI Personality Maurice St. Claire

"Life's tough.  I'm tougher.  Let's get real." - Denise E. Washington

BlackFamilyChat AI Personality Denise E. Washington

Chat with 21 unique AI personalities in the latest BlackFamilyChat app update, fostering engaging, culturally rich conversations for all users.

By incorporating these AI personalities, we are offering another opportunity for anyone to engage in fun, serious, or even controversial discussions in a safe environment for free, in the app.”

— Odogwu O. Linton, Esq.

BALTIMORE, MD, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2024 / — BlackFamilyChat, the innovative FREE mobile app fostering meaningful conversations within the Black community, is proud to announce a significant update. This latest version, available now for free, introduces 21 unique AI personalities inspired by the Black experience. App users can chat directly with any of these personalities to discuss one or more of the 374 in-app original questions. These AI characters are powered by the advanced OpenAI platform, marking a pioneering step in integrating culturally rich AI into social applications.

App Link: [BlackFamilyChat on Apple App Store and Google Play Store]

Revolutionary AI Integration

BlackFamilyChat’s latest update sets a new standard by being the first app to publicly offer a diverse collection of AI personalities rooted in the Black experience. These characters range from Maurice St. Clair, a debonair gentleman advising on courtship, to Darrius “D-Money” King, a reformed gang member providing street-smart wisdom. Each personality brings a distinct voice and perspective, ensuring users can engage in enriching and varied discussions. While the personalities are all original, some, such as the brutally honest manager of expectations Denise F. Washington and the optimistic middle school teacher Kiara “Miss Kiara” Evans, may seem familiar in the way they offer their unique insights.

Key Features of the Update:

21 Original AI Personalities:

Each character is meticulously designed to reflect different aspects of Black culture, history, and contemporary issues. Users can chat directly with any of the 21 AI characters, such as Leroy “Pops” Johnson, a war veteran with no-nonsense advice, Ava Quest, a Gen Z explorer eager to discover the world, or Madame Nasira, the wise spiritual advisor and counselor offering guidance on your path.

Culturally Rich Interactions:

The AI personalities are crafted to offer advice, share stories, play the “dozens,” and provide guidance that resonates with the Black community, making conversations both engaging and meaningful.

Enhanced User Experience: With the integration of these AI characters, BlackFamilyChat users can explore all 374 unique and original questions inspired by the Black experience, along with any other topic, in a safe and supportive environment.

Universal Appeal:

While the AI personalities are inspired by the Black experience, the discussion questions and interactions are designed for everyone to enjoy. The app emphasizes that, in many ways, our experiences are identical, making it a platform for all backgrounds to engage in meaningful conversations.

A Milestone in Social Technology

“The purpose of BlackFamilyChat has always been to initiate discussions about topics relevant to the Black experience,” said Odogwu O. Linton, author of BlackFamilyChat and founder of BlackFamilyChat the App. “By incorporating these AI personalities, we are offering another opportunity for anyone to engage in fun, serious, or even controversial discussions in a safe environment. This creates an opportunity to experience new and exciting technology while honoring the rich tapestry of the culture in America. This update represents a significant milestone in our journey to make meaningful, engaging, and fun conversations accessible to everyone.”


The updated BlackFamilyChat app is now available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With the easy creation of a free account, users are invited to explore the new AI characters, invite friends and family to chat directly within the app, and prepare for hours of intriguing, hilarious, deep, and controversial discussions with your friends and family or with the 21 members of the BlackFamilyChat family!

For more information and to download the app, search for “BlackFamilyChat” on the Apple App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices.

About BlackFamilyChat

BlackFamilyChat the App is a free mobile application dedicated to fostering meaningful conversations with all people about topics intrinsic within the Black community. The app offers a unique platform for users to connect, share experiences, and engage in thought-provoking discussions, all within a culturally resonant environment. Founded by Odogwu O. Linton, BlackFamilyChat aims to empower the Black community through technology and dialogue.


Odogwu O. Linton

Founder, BlackFamilyChat

Email: [email protected]


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