From acid burns to an ax to the foot, Kieram’s videos cover everything

Kieram has only been uploading first aid videos since March 2022 and in that time, gathering over 4 million followers

A collage of some of Kieram's TikTok videos

A collage of some of Kieram’s TikTok videos

With over 4 million followers across social media, Kieram’s quirky first aid videos are saving people from stabbings, gunshot wounds and liquid nitrogen

I just want to help as many people as possible”

— Kieram Litchfield

TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, October 11, 2023 / — “God bless you and thank you for teaching us how to save lives. I saved my friend from bleeding out with a makeshift tourniquet and I remembered everything you taught us.”, a follower from California told Kieram.

“I just want to help as many people as possible”, said Kieram, the first aid instructor based in Tampa.

Every week, Kieram publishes first aid video lessons on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube. These sometimes gruesome videos became popular due to their dark humor, silliness, and extreme usefulness.

This is not the first time one of his videos has saved someone’s life. He has published multiple videos on how to deal with a stab wound until help arrives. Recently, Kieram received moving messages from a 13-year-old boy from Brazil who saved his mother in a domestic abuse encounter.

Your video saved me once, the stab one! My mom got stabbed by her ex. You [taught] me everything right, and she is still alive. [I called] 911, packed the holes and told her everything will be OK and prayed to God.”, said the boy about the incident.

In addition to his videos, Kieram also shares free tips and techniques with viewers when they message him with first aid questions. His mission is to provide people with the vital knowledge to treat injuries, avoid danger or save a life since no one knows when an emergency might occur.

A 15 year old boy from the Middle East, shared with Kieram about his gunshot experience, “We got robbed while taking a shortcut home. The guy shot my friend and we were out of coverage but then I remembered I had one of your videos about how to deal with gunshots in different body parts so I watched it and saved his life.”

On a platform where popular creators promote dangerous challenges, mindless entertainment, and overly sexual content, Kieram Litchfield’s content plays a very important role in spreading awareness about health and safety. Not only are his videos a highly valuable educational resource, but they are also saving lives.

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