Creata Chain Launch Platfrom

Aims to revolutionize the process of creating and deploying blockchain networks, making it accessible to users with diverse technical backgrounds

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, August 20, 2023/ — Jennifer Kim, Creata Chain’s CEO & Founder, announced that Creata Chain unveiled a revolutionary platform that enables the blockchain landscape to stand poised for a new era of possibilities and growth.
Creata Chain’s Launch Platform is blazing the trail in the world of open-source, decentralized ledgers bringing innovation and scalability to various industries. With the introduction of its latest testnet launch platform, Creata Chain aims to revolutionize the process of creating and deploying blockchain networks, making it accessible to users with diverse technical backgrounds.

The platform offers users the unique opportunity to create their own blockchain networks and nodes, granting them complete control over their digital assets. Built on Creata SDK, the platform provides a programming framework with a wide range of tools, ensuring compatibility with the Creata Chain. This empowers developers to experiment with various programming languages, enhancing the network’s robustness and resilience, and enabling the creation of application-specific blockchains with unique structures.

Creata Chain’s Launch Platform allows users to deploy custom blockchains on the powerful Augusteum Core Consensus on the testnet, a hybrid approach that combines Delegated-Proof- of-Stake (DPOS) and Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT). This consensus algorithm ensures transparent and inclusive decision-making through a reputation-based voting system driven by token holders.

Creata Chain’s Launch Platform focuses on accelerating innovation and improving user experience. Users can easily manage digital currencies and stable coin payment transactions from a single dashboard, while a comprehensive set of tools enables seamless token usage and participation in decentralized networks.

The Launch Platform of the testnet will occur in phases, with the initial phase enabling users to leverage the launchpad for chain deployment and validator operations, fostering interoperability across blockchain networks. In the subsequent phase, the launchpad will be integrated with smart contracts, further enhancing the network’s security and capabilities.

Jennifer Kim, Creata Chain’s CEO, said that Creata Chain’s ecosystem is dedicated to bridging the gap between blockchain silos and the real world, aiming to link with a wide spectrum of blockchains and practical applications.

By simplifying the process of launching custom blockchains, Creata Chain empowers businesses and individuals alike, paving the way for a promising and widely adopted blockchain future.

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