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Children’s Book Sábana the Sloth by Cristina Sicard Author

‘Sábana the Sloth’ is a celebration of diversity, highlighting the unique qualities that make each of us special.

This enchanting tale, penned by the talented children’s author Cristina Sicard, beautifully unfolds the narrative of Sábana’s resilience and the transformative power of friendship”

— Cristina Sicard, Author

SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, January 23, 2024 / — From Cleveland, Ohio, to the vibrant landscapes of the Dominican Republic, Cristina Sicard has woven a rich tapestry of experiences that fuels her passion for creating enchanting children’s books. As a seasoned elementary-school teacher, Cristina draws on her expertise to infuse educational value into her storytelling, ensuring that each book is not only a delightful escape but also a valuable learning tool.

Cristina’s multicultural background shines through in her stories, celebrating the diversity that makes our world so beautiful. Her books, including the beloved ‘Harmony’ and ‘Sábana the Sloth,’ transport young readers to magical realms while imparting important life lessons. Inspired by her own journey and the cultural tapestry she embraces, Cristina encourages children to appreciate differences and cultivate a sense of belonging.

‘Sábana the Sloth’ is a celebration of diversity, highlighting the unique qualities that make each of us special. It gently nudges readers to acknowledge their perceived flaws as opportunities for growth and self-discovery. The story resonates with children and parents alike, offering a poignant reminder of the strength found in embracing what makes us unique.

The recognition of Cristina Sicard’s exceptional storytelling doesn’t stop with the readers; it extends to the prestigious 2021 Ohioana Library Festival, where ‘Sábana the Sloth’ was featured. This accolade reflects not only the book’s literary merit but also its contribution to fostering a love for reading and promoting positive values among young audiences.

As we join Sábana on his uplifting journey, we are reminded that, like the sloth, each child has the potential for greatness. Cristina Sicard’s ‘Sábana the Sloth’ stands as a testament to the transformative impact of storytelling, offering a narrative that transcends the pages of the book to resonate with hearts and minds. Discover the magic within ‘Sábana the Sloth’ and explore the pages that captured the attention of the Ohioana Library Festival in 2021.

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Reviews from readers echo the impact of Cristina’s work. One reader, currently expecting a little one, shared how she cherishes the inspiring thoughts and lessons from Cristina’s books, even reading them to her baby on the way! Another review from a fourth-grade teacher attests to the relatability of Cristina’s stories, emphasizing the importance of ‘Harmony’ in bridging the gap between cultures for her students.

Parents and educators alike have praised not only the heartwarming narratives but also the captivating illustrations that bring Cristina’s stories to life. The positive reviews speak volumes about the lasting impression her books leave on young minds.

Cristina Sicard extends an invitation for parents to join in the literary journey with their children, using her stories as a catalyst for meaningful conversations about self-acceptance, kindness, and embracing individuality. Her books are not just stories; they are opportunities for parents and children to connect and grow together.

Discover the magic of Cristina Sicard’s storytelling by exploring ‘Harmony’ and ‘Sábana the Sloth’ on Amazon. Follow @cristinasicardauthor on Instagram to stay tuned for her upcoming inspiring stories, and join the community of readers who have found joy, inspiration, and connection within the pages of her enchanting books.

And to those eagerly awaiting live sessions with Cristina, your wish might come true! Cristina Sicard dreams of bringing her stories to life in interactive events, and who knows, the Dominican Republic might just be the next stop for a magical storytelling experience. Stay tuned for announcements, and envision the joy on your little one’s face as they experience Cristina’s tales in person.

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