Author Alice Parker Launches Her Official Website:

Rising author Alice Parker has officially announced the launch of her new website,

Alice Parker is a visionary author whose mantra of “Entertain, Bring Awareness, Change People’s Lives” highlights her commitment to creating impactful narratives.”

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VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, June 18, 2024 / — With a commitment to entertain, raise awareness, and impact lives, Parker’s platform serves as a hub for readers to explore into her literary world, explore her works, and engage with her through various video interviews.

Alice Parker is a visionary author whose mantra of “Entertain, Bring Awareness, Change People’s Lives” highlights her commitment to creating impactful narratives. With a diverse repertoire of books spanning distinct genres, Parker’s storytelling mastery has captivated readers worldwide.

Visitors to will have the opportunity to know more about her biography, gaining insights into her creative journey and the inspirations behind her fascinating narratives. Additionally, the website features exclusive video interviews, including highlights from her appearance at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2022 and an insightful conversation with Emmy Award Winning Broadcaster and Actor, Logan Crawford.

Among Parker’s notable literary works are “Choices, Changes, and Friends: 1970s After Divorce,” “Change of View: An Adventurous Love Story,” “A Trip to Oz: A Memoir of Self-Discovery Thru Australian Adventures,” and “Move Past Your Past: A Process for Freeing Your Life.” Each book provides a distinctive examination of human experiences that profoundly connects with readers.

Excitingly, Parker has two new book releases: “OCCUPIED HEARTS Book I – Love the Long Way Around” and “OCCUPIED HEARTS Book II – Japan as the Occupier and the Occupied.”

“Occupied Hearts: Love The Long Way Around” is based on a true story. These three related love stories cover three continents and three wars. It starts at the end of World II, with a severely-wounded American hero falling madly in love with his German nurse in Occupied Germany. It also explores the experiences of gaijin-foreigners in Nagoya, Japan, who faced various challenges including language barriers, racial and sexual discrimination, and the challenges of navigating the complexities of war.

Continuing the narrative thread, “Occupied Hearts: Japan as the Occupier & The Occupied” serves as the highly anticipated sequel. “I found a Pandora’s box exploding with such emotional tales, I was not really prepared to hear. In many of the Japanese I interviewed, there was this driving-need for the world to know their harrowing experiences, as they had been almost randomly tossed into the countries Japan had occupied.” This book follows the lives of foreigners growing up in Japan after World War II, sharing their personal stories alongside historical facts. From the end of the Allied Occupation to Japan’s economic struggles, you’ll discover the challenges and triumphs of bilingual and bicultural living.

As Alice Parker excitingly launches, readers are invited to engage in her captivating literary world and join the transformative journeys through the power of storytelling.

Alice Parker Official Website:

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