Australia’s Sensual Rapper: Asian female rapper tha0ie debuts 2024 single ‘Eye Am More’ to break down stereotypes

tha0ie: Australia’s sensual & spicy Asian female rapper

Australia’s Sensual Rapper: Australia’s latest Asian-Aussie female hip-hop artist ‘tha0ie’ announces 2024 release ‘Eye Am More’ to address cultural stereotypes

Now is the time to embrace cultures and our roots to know who we are and what we stand for”

— Thao Tran (tha0ie)

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, January 24, 2024 / — Pronounced ‘tao-we’, Australia’s latest Asian-Aussie female hip-hop artist ‘tha0ie’ announces latest release ‘EYE AM MORE’ to address cultural stereotypes. This year, tha0ie will collaborate and perform at live events in gigs across Melbourne, Australia and in Los Angeles, California.

Previously performed at the Melbourne South Asian Festival, at RIPE Hip Hop events in St Kilda Melbourne with hip-hop artists including Katija, Charisma, Magajie and Sliq Mick, at international Empire Mastery events with Aaron Sansoni and Iconic Speaker with award winning speaker Ethan Donati and Cherie Eilertsen, South African award winning speaker, tha0ie releases her original song ‘EYE AM MORE’.

Stream ‘Eye Am More’ here:

tha0ie is a singer-songwriter, rapper and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Melbourne, and fluent in English and Vietnamese, her love for languages has her dabbling with Greek, Japanese and Arabic. Her music influences include many artists such as Jay-Z, Drake, Beyoncé, Eminem, Jhené Aiko and Pharrell Williams.

With over 15 years’ experience in marketing, psychology, linguistics and creative writing, tha0ie revels in writing riddles, juggling juxtapositions, and simplifying syllables to alter language to lyrics to give them new meaning. Spicy yet sophisticated in attitude, tha0ie marries hip-hop beats with strong melodic hooks and catchy pop tunes.

Growing up, tha0ie felt she did not fit into one box. As a young Asian female living in a Western country, she believed there was more to Asian women than surface level appearances and materialism.

‘EYE AM MORE’ was born to encourage women to lead, stand out and follow their dreams and not be pressured by the patriarchal society and the collectivist Asian culture that is still embedded in Asian group identity today.

Expect low-fi, spicy and sensual R&B and pop rap tunes, where tha0ie debuts her Vietnamese rap to affirm the autonomous self, relationships and giving back to families. ‘EYE AM MORE’ represents the idea of balancing individualism and still being accepted in the Asian community. It disrupts the way Asian communities and encourages embracing ‘Asian-ness’ and Asian culture. ‘EYE AM MORE’ acknowledges the stereotypes of Asian women and expresses the importance of appreciating our cultural roots, no matter where you come from, as well as getting out of comfort zones to have the confidence and adapt to other multicultural communities that are not your own.

Historically, rap music has also been known to increase suicide rates, especially among adolescents. Tha0ie’s mission is to create positive change in the entertainment industry, believing that the Asian community should immerse more into The Arts and to embrace the power of self-expression and creativity. Through ‘EYE AM MORE’ and her music, it can manifest to help people make better choices in life, so the medical community and the hip-hop world can embrace breaking down mental health and illness barriers even further. Ultimately, tha0ie breaks down stereotypes, shows inclusivity and focuses on mental strength, resilience and love.

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