Author and Horticulturalist Peter Sheardy Unveils His Award-Winning Poetry Collection that Promises to Enchant, Inspire, and Resonate

UNITED STATES, September 8, 2023/ — Acclaimed lyricist, poet, and horticulturalist, Peter Sheardy proudly announces the release of his much-anticipated collection, “A Gathering of Words: A Collection of Poems and Lyrics.” Celebrated for its diverse themes, this award-winning collection invites readers into a world of poignant emotions, adventures, heartaches, and beauty.

About the Book: From the thrill of travel and adventure to the intimate musings on love and war, “A Gathering of Words” promises an eclectic journey through the many facets of human experience. Through Pete’s verses, readers will traverse changing seasons, encounter the contrasts between the old and the new world, and witness both luminous moments and darker times. Imbued with vivid imagery, wit, and genuine emotion, the poems offer a unique blend of whimsy and depth, making it a must-have for both poetry enthusiasts and casual readers.

About the Author: Peter Sheardy is a man of many talents. Apart from penning down evocative lyrics that culminated in two CDs of original music, Pete is also a published poet featured in various anthologies. His previous work, “Airplane Etiquette: Traveling with Manners,” was inspired by his extensive travels across the US. His love for nature is evident not just in his poetry but also in his profession as a horticulturalist and live plant sales manager for a prominent horticultural company.

Drawing inspiration from literary giants such as Kinky Friedman, Longfellow, and John MacDonald, and musical legends like Bob Seger, Paul Simon, and the trio of “Toms” – Tom T Hall, Tom Waits, and Tom Russell, Pete’s writings are a fusion of his diverse experiences and influences.

Speaking about his latest work, Pete shared, “My profound love for poems and song lyrics propelled me to create this collection. It’s a part of me that I’m eager to share with the world.”

Primary Message: “A Gathering of Words” stands as a testament to the versatility of poetry and its power to resonate universally. With each poem, Pete hopes to offer solace, inspiration, and an intimate view into diverse experiences and emotions. Whether you’re seeking contemplative musings or lighthearted escapism, this collection promises something for everyone.

“A Gathering of Words: A Collection of Poems and Lyrics” is now available for purchase at Peter Sheardy’s official website,

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