Rideshare drivers and passengers in St. Joseph, Marshall, Elkhart, Starke, and Laporte counties of Indiana looking for an equitable rideshare platform now have a new ally in Wridz, following a recent partnership with local private utility locating company UDMS LLC.

In recent years, taxi companies in South Bend have dwindled down to two, which now mainly accept airport and contract customers. Recently, a new rideshare web-based app came on the scene charging similar rates; however, the service costs more for town requests, along with the dreaded surge pricing. With the mainstream rideshare companies, the town's people are at the mercy of surge pricing with little benefit to the drivers. Many drivers find the work to be unprofitable with high operating costs and losses over time. But not anymore. 

Touted as The Evolution of Rideshare, Wridz is a software platform that connects rideshare drivers and passengers through the Wridz App. The company is transforming the industry nationwide and in South Bend by putting passengers and drivers first. Unlike the leading rideshare companies in the market, Wridz drivers keep 100% of their earnings, booking fees, and tips. For a small subscription fee, drivers can choose the region they would like to work and gain access to rides in the app. 

Safety and affordability are at the heart of the Wridz experience. Fares are on par or lower than competitors and there is no surge charging. To enhance passenger safety, Wridz conducts extensive background checks on drivers, coupled with an interview process that includes a drug test. Drivers are also continuously monitored. Moreover, passengers can locate and verify their driver through a unique CallingCard® to ensure they are in the vehicle assigned for their trip. 

UDMS LLC CEO JR Robinson is excited about the new partnership with Wridz. When asked about his motivation for partnering with the rideshare company, he explained, "I started UDMS as a locating company built by and for locators and always pay well above normal by having independent contractors and ensuring everyone shares in the success. Wridz has the same priority with treating drivers as partners." 

Robinson added, "Utility locating experiences a slow season during winter, and being a former cab owner/operator here in South Bend along with working with Uber and Lyft part-time, I decided to partner with Wridz to provide profitable winter work options for myself and my team at UDMS, along with every driver out there now."

The Wridz app is easy to use and is available for free download for Apple and Android devices. For further information, visit Wridz.com or learn more about UDMS at UDMSLLC.com.

Contact Information:
JR Robinson
[email protected]

Original Source: UDMS LLC Partners With Wridz to Revolutionize Taxi & Rideshare Service in the South Bend Region
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