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Travel Quest Network, a leading host agency and the premier platform for building and growing a travel business in America, is excited to announce the release of the latest version of WorldVia PRO, its travel advisor business management system. The new release includes several groundbreaking features such as Trip Manager in its CRM, Content Creator™ version 2, and numerous enhancements to the CRM, designed to help travel advisors prioritize their work and maximize their business potential.

A key feature of the latest release is Trip Manager in its CRM, enabling travel advisors to clearly visualize their Sales Pipeline in the Trips Board. With nine trip lifecycle stages, this feature helps advisors prioritize their work and ensure no detail is overlooked.

Another major addition is the Content Creator™ version 2, which allows travel advisors to leverage the power of generative AI to create engaging content and market their businesses more effectively. Building on the successful release of version 1 in early March, version 2 includes three primary content tools: Profile Creator, Blog Creator, and Social Creator. Travel Quest Network members can now create a wide range of content, including agent directory bios, website about me page copy, social media profiles, general travel blog posts, top number blog posts, hotel and resort review blog posts, and a variety of social media posts for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

According to Jason Block, CEO of Travel Quest Network, "Our latest release positions Travel Quest Network as a pioneer in AI-driven solutions for the travel industry. Content Creator v2 is a game-changer for travel advisors, forever transforming the way they create content to market their businesses. By utilizing AI, we're helping our members be more productive and stay ahead of the competition."

Joshua Harrell, Chief Revenue Officer at Travel Quest Network, added, "Agent directory bios, inbound content marketing, and social engagement are crucial for travel advisors to stand out and attract clients. Our new tools in WorldVia PRO demonstrate our commitment to raising the bar and providing our members with the best possible resources to grow their businesses."

Travel Quest Network is committed to providing its members with the best tools and resources, which is why CRM and Content Creator's Profile Creator on WorldVia PRO are available free of charge to all members. Additionally, Content Creator's Blog Creator and Social Creator are free for all members on professional membership plans that start at just $29 per month.

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About Travel Quest Network: Travel Quest Network is a leading host agency and the premier platform for building and growing a travel business in America. Dedicated to providing travel advisors with the tools, resources, and support needed to thrive in the ever-evolving travel industry, Travel Quest Network empowers its members to deliver exceptional travel experiences and create lasting memories for their clients. 

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Original Source: Travel Quest Network Unveils WorldVia PRO's Latest Version With Innovative AI-Driven Features for Travel Advisors
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