This year, the popular online sleep publication Sleep Junkie unveils its specially-curated list of the Best Labor Day Mattress Sales. Each mattress has also been reviewed by Sleep Junkie's team of sleep health experts.

Dr. Miho Tanaka, a surgeon and sleep expert, underscores the significance of foam mattresses. "Studies have shown that foam mattresses can help reduce the development of pressure injuries when compared to standard mattresses," says Dr. Tanaka.

For individuals grappling with Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD), chiropractor Dr. Jordan Burns has a clear favorite: the Amerisleep AS2. "The medium-firmness of the AS2 mattress, coupled with its five zones of targeted support, makes this mattress an ideal choice for those with DDD," Dr. Burns elaborates. "It offers the requisite support to maintain spinal alignment across various sleeping postures."

Those diagnosed with spinal stenosis can also find solace in the right mattress. Dr. Burns points out, "Firmer mattresses like the Amerisleep AS2 are known to provide pressure-relief support, which can be instrumental in alleviating pain associated with spinal stenosis." Plus, Dr. Burns notes, "Mattresses that ensure cooler body temperatures, like the Zoma, are proven to enhance overall sleep quality and comfort." For a well-rounded solution, Dr. Burns suggests the Vaya Mattress, emphasizing, "The Vaya Mattress fosters a healthy spinal alignment for all sleepers, making it a top pick for those with spinal stenosis aiming to minimize pain and optimize sleep quality."

Snoring, a common disruptor of peaceful sleep, can be mitigated with the right mattress choice. Dr. Burns recommends the Amerisleep AS3 for side sleepers, stating, "Memory foam mattresses, exemplified by the Amerisleep AS3, offer the spinal support side sleepers need to significantly reduce snoring." He also recommends the Zoma Mattress for its unique features that combat snoring. "The Zoma Mattress, with its medium firmness and cooling gel, offers a sleep surface that's both comfortable and effective against snoring." 

For families that are health-conscious too, Sleep Junkie has also curated a list of the fiberglass-free mattress brands.

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