New students will be able to unlock incentive packages from Lingoda's various campaign partners

Lingoda, the leading online language learning platform, has announced the launch of its Summer Sprint campaign, designed to help language learners achieve their goal of speaking a new language confidently over the summer months. The campaign will run from May 12-July 6 with two opportunities to sign up for the Sprint: the first Sprint opens May 12 with classes from June 12-August 10. The second Sprint opens June 9 with classes from July 10-September 7.

With the Summer Sprint campaign, Lingoda aims to encourage learners to dedicate themselves to their language learning goals during the summer, when they may have more free time and fewer distractions. With the Sprint being an intensive two-month language course unique to Lingoda, it is designed to achieve students' language learning goals faster and to build a consistent learning habit. Students will take 30 classes within two months when they enter the Lingoda Sprint - or even 60 language classes in 60 days when choosing the Super Sprint. The aim is to be able to speak a new language with confidence within two months while studying in small group classes of up to five people, following an expertly-designed curriculum.

For early Sprint sign-ups, Lingoda offers exclusive brand partnership offerings by GetYourGuide and Mubi that will support new students in their goal to make significant progress within two months. On top of the incentive package for early birds, the Sprint also offers the opportunity to earn between 50% and 100% cashback if students attend all the classes and follow all the Sprint rules. Qualifying students can also opt to request class credits at the end of the Sprint of higher value than the cashback would be.

"We know that the summer can be a challenging time for language learners, with vacations, outdoor activities, and other distractions competing for their attention," says Philippa Wentzel, Lingoda's Curriculum Team Lead. "That's why we're launching the Summer Sprint campaign—to provide learners with the support they need to stay focused and achieve their language learning goals."

The Summer Sprint campaign is open to learners of all levels, from beginners to more advanced speakers. Participants can choose from a wide range of language courses, including English, Spanish, French and German. Lingoda's courses are taught by certified, native-speaking teachers and offer flexible scheduling to accommodate learners' busy lifestyles.

"Learning a language is a rewarding and fulfilling experience, but it can also be challenging," says Wentzel. "Our Summer Sprint campaign is designed to make language learning more accessible and fun, with incentives to keep learners engaged and motivated throughout the summer."

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Lingoda is one of the top online language schools. Founded in Berlin, Germany in 2013, we provide online language courses in German, English, French and Spanish. 

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