DeliverThat, the industry-leading catering delivery company, with over $200 million dollars in catering delivered, just introduced a new "smart" dashboard that will change the future of catering delivery.

Over a decade ago, when delivery was in its infancy, DeliverThat was one of the first to recognize that catering delivery required a very different business model than that of simply taking food served in-restaurant and moving it from point A to point B. Simply put, they identified that catering delivery was an entirely different beast altogether.

"Catering has its own unique set of operational challenges that requires very specific solutions in order to deliver high quality to the end consumer. In a perfect world, catering teams would have their own 'operating system' that lets them run the business as they see fit and not have to conform to the on-demand world of technology," says Matthew Benzel, Chief Technology Officer for DeliverThat.

Not only does the dashboard allow merchants the ability to create and manage their direct entry catering deliveries, but it also directly integrates with other catering channels, like Olo.

"We love the increased flexibility with editing submissions as well as the ability for restaurants to have a clearer view of their individual deliveries," said Megan Welcome, Director of Catering for One Table Restaurant Brands.

Additionally, regardless of order source, the dashboard provides timestamps, set-up photos and real-time updates on delivery and driver statuses, allowing for full transparency across all channels. 

"The enhanced dashboard is a game changer: effective, sleek, intelligent. Our catering team instantly sees orders placed from our native site and can track drivers in real time with only a few clicks. The setup pictures are an added plus," said Wes Patrick, Vice President, Ops Excellence and Off-Premise Performance for Tijuana Flats.

The dashboard is creating efficiencies and streamlining driver schedules. It is helping brands save money, by ensuring their restaurants have the food ready and on time for pick up. This alone is driving catering comps down from over 2% to .3%.

"Since inception, restaurants using the dashboard have seen a significant decrease with in-store related adjustments (food isn't ready, forgotten or wrong items, packaging issues) from 19% to 10%. Restaurants using our dashboard are seeing one of the highest fill rates in the industry - 98.79%. That's unheard of with catering," added Benzel. 

DeliverThat is collecting all this intelligence; building a smarter business model, better drivers, accountability for restaurants and ultimately better delivery schedules that run like well-oiled machines. 

"DeliverThat is BRINGING the HEAT in the Catering delivery space - Hands Down," Wes Patrick added in closing.

About DeliverThat
DeliverThat is the industry-leading catering delivery and setup company that has been revolutionizing catering delivery since 2013. With over $200 million dollars of catering delivery under its belt and a network of over 15,000 active drivers, DeliverThat is operational in all major cities in all 50 states of the U.S. DeliverThat's extensive network includes over 500 brands that rely on their exceptional service for their catering needs. DeliverThat sets the standard for excellence with a focus on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. A niche business model, DeliverThat offers a flat-rate delivery service and an around-the-clock team of live customer service agents based at its headquarters in Canton, Ohio. In addition to OLO, DeliverThat fully integrates with ezCater, Bringg, and many more. For more information about DeliverThat, visit

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