SeonJoo Yoon, Founder and CEO of JJAANN Company, explained how a virtual hangout social network, JJAANN can help sports fans keep being social without any hassle

Introduction of JJAANN

Potential partners listening to the introduction of JJAANN at its PR booth in MWC Barcelona 2023

JJAANN Company, a startup founded by a global team from the US and South Korea, has exhibited its social network for sports fans, JJAANN, at the 2023 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2023) in Barcelona. The platform enables fans to interact with each other in real-time video chats and ice-breaking features, eliminating the hassle of finding fellow fans to socialize with.

JJAANN's Founder and CEO, SeonJoo Yoon, presented the platform to potential partners and global investors at the event. The platform has gained ground in the NFL in the US and aims to expand into LaLiga and EPL. JJAANN has also had meetings with famous sports teams from Spain, Europe, and Latin America to achieve deeper fan engagement.

One potential partner from a soccer team praised JJAANN's ability to spark young people's interest in sports through active engagement, gamification, and a sense of community.

JJAANN's unique features include interest-based communities, face-to-face video communication, and virtual hangout sessions with influencers and celebrities, including K-pop stars. It has users from 95 countries, with a user satisfaction rating of 4.75. The platform is also used as an interactive fan-engagement platform and pre- or after-party of offline events, including concerts or festivals.

According to CEO Yoon, JJAANN has a big interest in Spanish-speaking countries, as the socializing culture with no language barrier and love of sports perfectly match its service. Yoon also mentioned that MWC Barcelona is not only a gateway into Europe but also a great one into Latin America.

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Introduction of JJAANN
Introduction of JJAANN

Potential partners listening to the introduction of JJAANN at its PR booth in MWC Barcelona 2023

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