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Feb 8, 2022

Fulton Books author Scott Luttrell, a creative storyteller with a masters in management and leadership, a loving husband who currently lives with his wife and wiener dog in Pennsylvania, has completed his most recent book “Tales from North Bank”: a page-turning novel that covers more than a century of history. It is about Marlene Bartnik and the awful things she had to ignore in order to sustain survival. How can a place so beautiful be a den for all sorts of evil? The North Bank is indeed an oxymoron. 

Luttrell shares, “All Marlene ever wanted in life was to just blend in and be left the h*** alone. Ambiguity was a jealous lover. The city of North Bank and the thing that creeps under the city had different plans for her. Take a ride through the historical dark side of her chosen city. A city that is both evil and beautiful. See the rise and fall of North Bank through the eyes of Marlene Bartnik as she realizes that survival is the goal of her never-ending life and that karmic justice is best served cold. Remember this, there are more than just human eyes watching this city. The soul of North Bank is occupied by something much darker. So, grab an adult beverage, buckle in, and enjoy the ride with Tales from North Bank.”

Published by Fulton Books, Scott Luttrell’s book is an intriguing fiction meant to entertain. The political points and opinions stated by the characters are just part of the author’s creativity and do not intend to offend anyone. This compelling tale is a historical tour through the dark side of North Bank. 

Just enjoy the h*** of a ride that this read offers.

Readers who wish to experience this exciting work can purchase “Tales from North Bank” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

Please direct all media inquiries to Author Support via email at [email protected] or via telephone at 877-210-0816. 

Source: Fulton Books

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