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Feb 7, 2022

CONSENSUS: Reviews are consistent; the books are unputdownable.

Mary Oldham, an award winning author and three-time Golden Heart Finalist with the Romance Writers of America, has released three contemporary romance titles through By-Creek-Ity Publishing LLC: The Silver Linings Wedding Dress Auction, A Paris Affair, and A Summer Affair.

Review of The Silver Linings Wedding Dress Auction

“You’ll fall in love immediately with the characters Mary so lovingly paints with her writing. She works all the emotions while keeping you pinned to a story you won’t be able to put down. So pleasantly surprised – don’t walk, RUN to get a copy if you haven’t already. I can’t wait to read her next book!”

Review of A Paris Affair  

“Love this. From the very beginning you are drawn into and immersed in this love story. You feel like you’re right there in Paris and traveling to the elegant hotels with them. And there’s a cast of colorful, complex supporting characters that you meet along the way. Hurry Mary Oldham and get us the next installment. Great book to curl up with as winter sets in! Get this, you’ll be hooked to … follow this author…she’s amazing.”

Review of A Summer Affair

“Poor Adam, a drunk driver killed his wife & son, so that should tell you that the emotional aspect to this story will be thick, and it was. His cousin has him going out west to heal a bit more at Tranquility (a seaside estate), and maybe just maybe it will be just what the doctor ordered. Laura is divorcing her husband since their marriage got in the way of his dating life (he was cheating on her) to just breathe to figure out what was next. She just so happens to end up at Tranquility at the same time Adam was there, and maybe just maybe it’s just what the doctor ordered for her. This story really did my heart in because I could absolutely feel the MCs emotions like they were my own, and it felt like I needed to go to Tranquility to chill out from all of my feelings running amok LOL! Mary Oldham penned a heartfelt story that just tugged on my heartstrings because it felt realistic in the telling to me. I’m going to have to keep going with this series since I’ve been reeled in completely. & I believe everyone will feel the same way after hitting those one click buttons so I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Source: By-Creek-Ity Publishing LLC

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