NAVA Opens Membership – Offers Access to Health Insurance Plans for Voice Actors

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Nov 14, 2022

Membership in NAVA is officially open, and will provide much-needed guidance and benefits to the voiceover community.

NAVA, the National Association of Voice Actors, today announced they have opened official membership in their association. Members will have access to a host of benefits, resources, classes, and events. One exciting benefit is the ability for NAVA members to have access to four health insurance plan options. Plans begin coverage in 2023. 

“We have been excited about all that NAVA will do for the voice acting community,” says Tim Friedlander, president of NAVA. “We have been working on providing access to health insurance plans to professional voice actors for almost two years now. It is amazing to finally see it come to fruition.” 

Benefits of Membership will include:

  • Exclusive Classes and Events
  • Pathways Initiative to guide voice actors through the different stages of their career journey, including education on union and non-union opportunities
  • Access to Health Insurance Offerings
  • Resources and education on emerging technology, AI, and synthetic voice production.

NAVA Membership will be available starting Nov. 14, 2022. Potential members must fill out an application to show they are a professional voice actor. The applications will be reviewed by NAVA, and membership will be offered to those who meet the qualifications for $120 per year. For more information on NAVA membership and health insurance offerings, visit

About NAVA: NAVA is a non-profit association created to advocate and promote the advancement of the voice-acting industry through action, education, inclusion, and benefits. The NAVA advisory board includes professional voice actors from all areas of the voiceover industry. 

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Source: National Association of Voice Actors – NAVA

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