MBN’s “More Than a Game” wins Silver

October 10, 2023

“More Than a Game,” one of MBN’s newest podcasts, took home silver for its revealing look at external influences on FIFA and the world of soccer at the second annual Signal Awards.

“MBN is dedicated to reaching audiences on the platforms that they are already using; this includes the rapid growth of podcasts. In 2023, MBN launched four new podcasts, including “More Than a Game” and we are immensely proud to receive this recognition,” stated MBN Acting President Hassan Shwiki. “We have a very talented podcast team, and this award is well deserved.”

The episode entitled Soccer: Scripted or Real explored corruption in soccer. “More Than a Game” is a weekly podcast that goes beyond the latest scores and delves into the stories behind those scores. Listeners get caught up in a dramatic retelling of stories that shaped the sports world and learn how sports impact all areas of society, culture and even politics.

The Signal Awards highlight the best podcasts in the industry in its category. This year, nearly 2,000 podcasts entered the competition. These awards mark the industry’s best-in-class audio experiences.

Originally published at https://www.usagm.gov/2023/10/10/mbns-more-than-a-game-wins-silver/

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