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updated: Mar 11, 2022

Marcus Lane has always known he has a magical voice, just like how he’s always known he radiates a natural magnetism that can’t help but win people over. On his single “going on a date,” he coaches a woman to a burst of pre-date self-confidence while she gets ready.

The concept behind “going on a date” is about her feeling confident and comfortable in her own skin, making sure that she is just perfect for him, the song is full of laid-back lounge vibes and slinky beats to set the mood with his silky voice. Lane narrates a woman choosing lingerie, putting on mascara and going through steps all women can relate to.

Marcus Lane can only be described as an uncanny artist: he puts himself into a seat of professionalism and takes all the lessons that he’s learned from the legends of hip-hop and then creates his own original sound for something that is equal parts nostalgic and fresh. Marcus is a trap artist that rhythmically brags about his gains hustling in the street make becoming wealthy solve his problems.

Originally, Marcus had taken the song off music platforms because he wanted to understand the music business more and brand himself as a noteworthy do-it-himself entrepreneur before releasing “any music”. Fortunately he has now and “going on a date” will be back on all platforms March 23, 2022.

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Source: Marcus Lane, Musician Entrepreneur

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