Ted Even’s ‘Answers For The Honest Skeptic’, a 4-Part Series of Elusive Revelation

“Answers For The Honest Skeptic”, a 4-part series by Ted Even

Author, Ted Even with his lovely wife

Offering readers a powerful glimpse into the amazing love of Christ, author Ted Even reveals just how awesome God’s eternal life is for all humanity.

Quite unlike any other religion in the world, Jesus lovingly healed the blind, just so our faith in him would not be blind!”

— Ted Even

BAY CITY, MI, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author Ted Even, known for his thought-provoking and insightful writings, has released a staggering yet intriguing 4-part book series titled “Answers For The Honest Skeptic”. In this series, author Ted Even probes deep into the intricacies, contentions, and misconceptions surrounding the Holy Bible, shedding light on just what the Holy Bible actually teaches.

The Holy Bible, conceivably the most influential book in the world, claims over 3000 times to be the inspired word of God. Backed by over 2000 miraculously fulfilled prophecies foretelling the future with astonishing accuracy, the Bible stands as a testament to its divine origin. Author Ted Even, in his series, deliberates these prophecies and reveals compelling evidence of their fulfillment, spanning thousands of years.

The Bible’s ambiguity and paradoxes add to its enigmatic nature, challenging readers to grapple with complex theological concepts and moral dilemmas. The tension between concepts such as free will and divine providence, or the existence of evil in a world created by a benevolent God, forces readers to confront the uncertainties of their own faith and find out that all their important questions do in fact have solid satisfactory answers as revealed in the scriptures of God’s word.

Within its pages, about 2000 years ago, our record of history is awesomely interrupted, as our very own creator, Jesus Christ, humbly introduces himself to his own creation through his divine healing power plainly demonstrated in front of thousands of historical witnesses. And because he openly revealed the only way to obtain his free gift of eternal life, it is easy to see just why the demonic realm has created such a fierce battle over the truth of his word through all the false religions which they have hatched to deceive men away from God.

As readers engage with the series, they are not only confronted with the undeniable truth of scripture but also the awesome eternal love that God has for them personally. Through his writing, Ted Even seeks to bridge the gap between skepticism and faith, inviting readers to encounter the real Jesus who offers hope, redemption, and eternal life.

Throughout his series, Ted Even reveals just how fair our loving our creator is, as the truth of his word is confirmed backwards and forwards through much overwhelming honest evidence – the evidence which is largely discussed in his 4- part book series, “Answers For The Honest Skeptic”. And since the “truth” of God itself would have no meaningful purpose if there was not “God’s perfect love” behind it, Ted Even also reveals that both God’s truth and love are always connected and inseparable throughout his word.

Introducing his series, Ted Even writes, “Tired of seeking and not finding the answers you need? Welcome to “Answers For The Honest Skeptic” book series, where we answer many difficult questions and objections to biblical Christianity. Through our shared experience together, it is my hope that you will not only find the real answers you need, but also meet the real biblical Jesus who loves you more than you may know!”

For those seeking answers to life’s biggest questions, “Answers For The Honest Skeptic” provides a comprehensive guide to navigate the complexities of the Bible and unearth its profound life-giving truths. Ted Even’s unique blend of scholarship, passion, and sincerity makes this series a must-read for anyone, as it is intended to enlighten even cynical or spiritually doubtful individuals allowing them to also discern the true loving nature of God and obtain the awesome eternal life he has for them.

Join Ted Even on this enlightening exploration of the Holy Bible and discover the depth of God’s love and the truth that sets hearts free. “Answers For The Honest Skeptic” is now available for purchase on the author’s website, “truthfindersmedia.com”.

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