Sendit AI Chat Sees 100% Month-Over-Month Growth

CULVER CITY, CA, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2024 / — Iconic Hearts, the company behind viral social networking app Sendit, today revealed that its AI chat feature is seeing 100% month-over-month growth as Sendit’s new AI model has become more human-like than ever. Sendit launched its big AI bet in 2023, going head to head with the major tech giants by leaning into its competitive edge of internal training data.

At its core, Sendit is designed to help its community get to know the people around them through Q&As. Friends can browse in-app profiles, ask people questions, and begin to peel back new personality layers through their responses. Using these friendly interviews, Sendit introduced the ability for its users to unlock their own AI clone who can answer their questions for them, even when they’re not online. Each personalized AI can share their life story, mimic their preferences, behaviors, and even their texting style!

“As we get better at fine tuning each AI, the more personalized and realistic these agents will become. That will increase trust that an AI will answer questions accurately on your behalf,” explained Hunter Rice, founder & CEO of Iconic Hearts. “Our secret sauce is our training data. The reason we’re seeing this huge growth rate on conversation duration is because our new AI model has been trained on billions of Gen Alpha chat messages, making it sound more natural than any other model out there.”

Iconic Hearts sees AI powering the next major wave in social media and Sendit is positioned at the forefront of this paradigm shift. By leveraging their personalized Sendit AI clones, Gen Alpha is getting to know one another without the friction of cold-starting conversations or awkward interactions. These personal AIs are not designed to replace human interaction but to augment it, providing users with complete control to verify, edit, or delete their AI’s responses at any time.

With plans to diversify the chat’s language capabilities, Sendit remains committed to continuous improvement and exploration of AI’s role in social media.

About Sendit:

Sendit is a product developed by Iconic Hearts, Inc., the leading Gen Alpha app developer behind prominent social apps including Noteit, Starmatch and Locksmith. Currently the app has over 1.5M reviews on the App Store with a 4.8 rating and over 5M downloads on Google Play, making it the top Gen Alpha social networking app. The company is based in Culver City, California, and was founded by Hunter Rice in 2019. The company’s mission is to become the primary destination where every social interaction for Gen Alpha can happen. For more information visit:

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