Remodeling Four Kitchens: A look inside the new brand

Digital agency Four Kitchens announces its new branding and positioning.

It’s one thing to build great websites. But it’s another thing to craft them with care to solve the problems you face — so you can help solve the bigger problems facing the world.”

— Todd Nienkerk, CEO, Owner, and Co-Founder, Four Kitchens

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, April 17, 2023/ — Four Kitchens has made a lot of exciting changes in the past couple of years. The digital design and development agency merged with Advomatic, doubling its client portfolio and underscoring its commitment to advocacy and mission-driven work. Last year, it added Manatí, growing the team by 50% and expanding into Costa Rica. It also added new services like technical strategy and content strategy — and new products like Continuous Care.

Today, Four Kitchens is thrilled to introduce its new brand.

New messaging
The new brand is built on a core idea: Doing good in good company.

“As a brand strategy, it works on multiple levels,” said Four Kitchens CEO, Owner, and Co-Founder Todd Nienkerk. “Fundamentally, we want our work to contribute to the greater good, which is why we focus on schools, nonprofits, and associations. But we also want our work to be good in terms of quality and effectiveness.”

The new brand strategy — doing good in good company — is the foundation on which all other aspects of the messaging are built.

Clear purpose, mission, and vision
Four Kitchens’ purpose, mission, and vision communicate its brand from an ideological perspective: “Why do we exist as a company? How do we go about our work? What impact will our work have on the world?”

“We exist to make the web a better place to teach, learn, and advocate for all. To do this, we build content-driven websites that help organizations fulfill their missions. By doing this, we help create a world where knowledge is set free and the greater good is made better.”

These identify the qualities that, when combined, set Four Kitchens apart from its competition.

Content expertise: “Our extensive experience working with some of the world’s largest publishers and media companies provides us unique insight into the challenges and opportunities of content creation, management, and distribution.”

Technical excellence. “Unlike many agencies that treat engineering as an afterthought, technical strategy, architecture, and quality are foundational to our work.”

The Way of the Web Chef (our Core Values). “We live our values, and our values align with our clients’.”

Now Four Kitchens can clearly state what makes it unique and why it is the best partner for its clients:
“Informed by its content expertise and technical excellence, and driven to seek partnerships rooted in shared values, Four Kitchens crafts websites that help organizations fulfill their missions.”

New visual identity
Apart from the signature “Kitchens Kelly” green, Four Kitchens has revamped everything about its visual identity: its logo, color palette, typography, illustration, and photography.

Like its old logo, the new logo subtly contains the abbreviated Four Kitchens name. Four four-sided geometric shapes and some cleverly positioned whitespace combine to create “4K.” The square at the base of both the “4” and “K” evokes a pixel, which is echoed in the offset “I” of the new logotype.
“In fact, the pixel is at the heart of the visual identity,” Nienkerk said. “We want to underscore that we’re a digital agency. We also adopted a more vibrant palette of complementary colors along with typefaces and iconography that nod to our digital roots.”

What hasn’t changed
The name
From the start of the rebrand, Four Kitchens never considered changing its name. That’s because “four kitchens” are at the heart of its origin story.
“I co-founded Four Kitchens in 2006 with three friends from the student humor publication at the University of Texas at Austin,” Nienkerk said. “ After graduating, we launched That Other Paper, an alt-weekly whose website, built with Drupal, attracted the attention of several publishers who wanted help building their own websites.

“But we needed a place to live and work. A connection we made at a local open-source meetup led us to a potential workspace that boasted four separate living area — each with its own kitchen.

“While we never moved into that workspace, the meaning behind those four kitchens remains the same: collaboration, creativity, and doing meaningful work.”

“Kitchens Kelly” green
Since 2009, Kelly green has been Four Kitchens’ identifying color. An expanded palette reflects Four Kitchens’ vibrancy and approach to making work fun.

Core Values
Four Kitchens embodies its Core Values: The Way of the Web Chef. The company has navigated many changes in the past few years, and this rebranding has comprehensively shifted how it expresses what it is today. But the Core Values remain unchanged.

“It’s one thing to build great websites,” Nienkerk said. “But it’s another thing to craft them with care to solve the problems you face — so you can help solve the bigger problems facing the world.”

Better websites. For a better world.

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