Napulitanamente Magazine Unveils Exciting Plans Following Successful Mediterranean Cocktail of Art Event

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Mediterranean Cocktail of Art event

Napulitanamente magazine is seeking for talented artists for the next multi art event

In line with its mission to promote emerging artists, Napulitanamente magazine extends an invitation to talented individuals with Mediterranean roots to participate in the upcoming event.”

— Napulitanamente magazine

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2024 / — Napulitanamente magazine, the premier publication celebrating Neapolitan heritage and Mediterranean culture abroad, soon after the release of its eight issue, proudly announces its next venture following the triumph of its Mediterranean Cocktail of Art event.

The recent Mediterranean Cocktail of Art, held in the heart of Hollywood, California, captivated audiences with its vibrant celebration of Mediterranean creativity. From the red carpet glitz to the diverse array of artistic expressions showcased, the event was a resounding success. Notably, the occasion marked the official debut of the Neapolitan cocktail, NA57, crafted by SudPlus and endorsed by Napulitanamente magazine.

Building upon this triumph, Napulitanamente magazine is thrilled to unveil plans for its next event, promising even more excitement and cultural enrichment. The magazine’s editorial team is hard at work curating an experience that will continue to spotlight the richness and diversity of Mediterranean talent.

In line with its mission to promote emerging artists, Napulitanamente magazine extends an invitation to talented artists with Mediterranean roots to participate in the upcoming event. Artists seeking exposure and opportunities for collaboration are encouraged to submit their portfolios to [email protected]. Submissions should include a comprehensive resume, high-resolution photos, and links to relevant online platforms.

Furthermore, Napulitanamente magazine is actively seeking sponsors to support its upcoming event. Brands and businesses interested in aligning with the magazine’s mission and gaining global exposure are invited to reach out to the Editor at [email protected] for partnership opportunities.

For additional information about Napulitanamente magazine and its initiatives, interested parties can contact the Editorial Staff at [email protected].


Napulitanamente magazine is a leading publication dedicated to celebrating Neapolitan heritage and Mediterranean culture. Founded in 2020 by the esteemed Low Pulse Project, the magazine offers both online and print editions, attracting a global readership with its insightful content and commitment to excellence. With a focus on promoting emerging talents and preserving cultural heritage, Napulitanamente magazine continues to inspire and inform audiences worldwide.

Published by Low Pulse Project itself, Napulitanamente magazine is renowned for its commitment to authenticity, professionalism, and cultural preservation. With a dedicated readership of over 9,000 monthly and a robust social media following exceeding 17,000, Napulitanamente continues to serve as a beacon of Mediterranean heritage.

Napulitanamente magazine stands apart as a luxury publication, blending the richness of a book with the dynamism of a magazine. Its comprehensive coverage spans diverse topics, from history and literature to cuisine and business, offering readers a multifaceted exploration of Mediterranean culture.

Notably, Napulitanamente magazine distinguishes itself through its unwavering support of Mediterranean talent. By providing a platform for emerging artists and promoting their work on a global scale, the magazine fosters a community of creativity and innovation.

In keeping with its commitment to environmental sustainability, Napulitanamente magazine is proud to operate a website powered by wind energy, embodying its dedication to eco-friendly practices.

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