Masked rockers, Field of Giants, challenge listeners with new album

UK, March 15, 2024 / — Field of Giants, the masked rock band from Oxfordshire, releases their latest album, “The Distance Between Us”. This marks the band’s return after a seven-year hiatus, continuing their legacy of delivering thought provoking music at the forefront of the new wave of Nu Metal. The album is available across all major music platforms through Symphonic Distribution.

“The Distance Between Us” features five awe-inspiring tracks that embody the band’s signature sound: a robust blend of distorted guitars, hard-hitting drums, melodic vocals, and for the first time, beautiful orchestral movements. These musical elements come together to introduce a new depth to the band’s music, while the album’s concept narrates the story of a world obsessed with relentless progression and the perils thereof, challenging listeners to think about their own place in the modern world. 

Inspired by bands like Tool, Deftones and Gojira, Field of Giants has crafted an album that resonates with fans of progressive metal and alternative rock, but also appeals to listeners seeking something uniquely compelling. The album’s intricate composition and thematic depth are a testament to the band’s evolution, showcasing their ability to weave complex stories through heavy music.

The Distance Between Us All: The powerful opening track encapsulates the theme of the album, with a narrative that delves into the complexities of human connection, and the relentless pursuit of identity in an isolated world.

Through its poignant lyrics, the song explores the paradox of seeking unity in an era defined by division and individualism. The chorus, with its stark admonition to “Marry yourself if you find it so difficult to care for someone else” serves as a critical reflection on the self-centeredness that pervades modern life, suggesting that true fulfilment comes from bridging the ideological gaps that separate us.

Musically, “The Distance Between Us All” features Field of Giants’ signature blend of heavy guitars, dynamic drumming, and soaring vocals, enriched by a new layer of orchestral movements that underscore the song’s emotional depth.

Transform: The poignant second track, weaving a narrative of self-discovery, liberation, and living fully in the present. The song serves as a clarion call to listeners to not take time for granted, but instead, to free themselves from the constraints of passivity, and ignite the passions that lie within.

Musically, “Transform” combines heavy riffs with a melody that inspires the listener, perfectly complementing the song’s message of empowerment. The lyrics advocate for a transformation into a life that feels as exhilarating and momentous as a “feel good movie,” emphasizing the power of a fulfilling existence.

Say: Emerges as the introspective third track on Field of Giants’ album, delving into themes of existence and perception. The song portrays a deep introspection, questioning the impact of one’s presence through the metaphor of a message in a bottle adrift from everyone. Its haunting melody and reflective lyrics invite listeners to ponder the weight of words versus actions.

Musically, “Say” combines subtle instrumentation with a focus on atmospheric elements, allowing the poignant lyrics to take center stage. The song oscillates between calm verses and huge choruses to take listeners on an epic journey.

Nothing From You: Unfolds as the emotionally charged fourth track of the album, capturing the complexities of relationships, conflict and reconciliation. The song navigates through the dynamics of intimacy, and the desire to mend broken connections, encapsulated by the refrain, “I’m moulded from the pieces of you.”

Musically, “Nothing From You” balances between soft, introspective verses and powerful choruses, mirroring the tumultuous yet hopeful nature of repairing a relationship. The lyrics oscillate between vulnerability and strength, fear and courage, highlighting the transformative power of communication.

Into The Wild: The closing track of the album, serves as a powerful anthem for liberation and a return to authenticity. The song encapsulates a yearning to break free from societal constraints and rediscover a life of truth. Its lyrics champion the courage to leave behind the familiar and venture into the unknown.

As the finale of the album, “Into The Wild” leaves listeners with a resonant call to action: to embrace the adventure of existence, and find solace and vitality away from the trappings of modern life. It’s a fitting conclusion to an album that explores the distances and connections between all of us, ultimately advocating for a life filled with genuine experiences and relationships.

Field of Giants’ innovative approach to music and storytelling continues to garner acclaim, further establishing them within the metal and rock genres. “The Distance Between Us” marks a significant milestone in the band’s career.

To celebrate the album’s release, Field of Giants is also unveiling a series of visually captivating videos, beginning with “The Distance Between Us All” released earlier this month. These videos provide a visual representation of the album’s themes, enhancing the listener’s experience and immersion into the world Field of Giants has created.

“The Distance Between Us” is more than just an album; it’s an auditory journey that challenges listeners to reflect on the consequences of humanity’s relentless pursuit of progress. Field of Giants invites fans old and new to join them on this journey, promising an experience that is not only musically enriching but also thought-provoking.

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