Loot8 Announces Strategic Memorandum of Understanding with LBX to Integrate AI-Enabled Web3 Technology with Advanced Vending Solutions

HENDERSON, NEVADA, USA, December 13, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Loot8, LLC, today announced a collaboration with LBX Food Robotics through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), committing to integrate Web3 technology with advanced vending solutions, notably LBX’s Bake Xpress kiosks, the only ones in the world that bake a full menu on demand. This joint effort represents a significant advancement in combining digital technology with consumer convenience, with LBX incorporating Loot8’s innovative AI enabled Web3 technology into their vending kiosks to create a unique, convenient, and technologically advanced vending experience. In return, Loot8 will exclusively use LBX’s kiosks for their Web3 technology-enabled vending machine requirements. This collaboration promises to revolutionize the vending machine market, with both companies agreeing to an exclusivity arrangement and a mutual revenue-sharing model, details of which will be outlined in a future definitive agreement. Although this MOU is not legally binding, it paves the way for a subsequent agreement, with both parties eagerly anticipating leveraging each other’s strengths to maximize market presence and technological advancement.

For further information about this release, contact www.loot8.io and [email protected].

About LBX Food Robotics:

LBX Food Robotics is revolutionizing the food service industry with Bake Xpress, a ground-breaking robotic hot food vending kiosk that custom bakes a full menu of meals and pastries on demand. Bake Xpress combines robotic, AI, sensor, wireless, and software technologies with infrared, convection, and microwave heating to deliver the highest quality results and most flexibility of any machine on the market. With a customizable menu ranging from croissants and muffins to pasta, pizza, gourmet sandwiches and refrigerated foods like salads, Bake Xpress provides 24/7 access to the convenient, healthy food consumers demand and is a significant upgrade to traditional vending options. LBX was founded in 2015 as Le Bread Xpress and has installed UL- and CSA-certified Bake Xpress kiosks in universities, hotels, hospitals, retail centers, airports, factories and office parks world-wide, with machines in continuous operation since 2019. For more information, please visit www.lebreadxpress.com.

About Loot8:

Loot8, an innovative enterprise-level content management platform, is redefining digital collectibles and fan experiences in the Web3 era. Integrating a suite of advanced tools, the platform offers unique benefits like product drops, venue interactions, and sustained fan engagement. Available in the App Store, Google Play Store and in the browser, Loot8 seamlessly bridges Web2 and Web3, providing a secure SaaS-like transition into the future of digital content. With its ability to merge digital collectibles with real-world experiences, it’s adaptable across events like concerts, conferences and sports. The platform’s recent collaboration with Unsigned Prospects is designed to provide collegiate athletes with unparalleled content autonomy, amplifying their current visibility and fostering sustained fan relationships, while also being built to support their future endeavors. Under the stewardship of a seasoned executive team, Loot8 is strategically poised to capitalize on its multifaceted applications and influential partnerships.

Marcus Daley
[email protected]

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/674772306/loot8-announces-signing-of-mou-with-lbx-food-robotics

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