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He remains excited to share his journey because he knows that it can inspire others to take a leap of faith.”

— Michael Cox, Black Magazine

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2023/ — Having returned with his core shattering return with ‘Stuck’ in late January 2023, former FOX ‘The Four’ contestant and Sunday Service Choir staple, JeRonelle rises to the occasion to be the answer R&B needs for the men with the preparation of his EP “Regret & Reflect” where he faces and sings about various encounters ranging from loss love and family situations that he grew through and witnessed during the course of the pandemic post his last project “Beloved.”

“Regret & Reflect” is a collection of stories based on the last 2/3 years and things I’ve experienced. From navigating my way through a toxic dating situation to examining family dynamics and other interpersonal relationships around me, I’ve done a lot of looking in the mirror and wanted to make sure that this project reflected the space I’m in. Creating this new EP took about a year or so to get done but I’m proud of this work and hopeful that listeners will find pieces of themselves within these songs. – JeRonelle

Much has changed since the release of his 2020 project ‘Beloved’ and that growth and direction can be heard in the first single ‘Stuck’ that finds JeRonelle in an isolated position about a love from his past as he is torn whether to fight for a fading relationship or to move forward and not turn back. With tones of R&B that many will resonate with, ‘Stuck’ holds up to be a strong kickstart to what the Los Angeles singer-songwriter has in store. To match a strong return, JeRonelle dives deeper into his pain and looks for a love to cure his wounded heart in his follow-up single ‘Down Bad.’

“Down Bad” is a song about how we choose to cope with heartbreak and the various vices we sometimes depend on after a failed relationship. I wanted to create a song that was super soulful and would drive home the urgency of someone struggling to find their way post-breakup. – JeRonelle

Too embracing all parts of his identity, JeROnelle opens up about his queer nature and shares himself time and space to grow and wants others that can relate to do the same with song ‘Revolutionary’ featured on “Regret & Reflect.”

“Revolutionary” is a song that was inspired by black queer/bi men and is all about showing love to ourselves and to one another while also giving each other the space to learn and grow. In a time where representation is more important than ever, I felt like creating a song that spoke directly to the community and to our experience as well as how we connect to one another. I feel like sometimes we struggle to do right by one another because of the world we live in and the different ways we were raised, but at the end of the day we’re better when we rock together. – JeRonelle

“He’s got an effortlessly soulful voice and the song has a unique upbeat bounce whilst still being super smooth.” – Stereohearts R&B

Sometimes, you can feel like you can’t let something (or someone go). Singer JeRonelle knows that feeling all too well and sings all about it in his new song “Stuck”. The soulful delivery in his gospel tinged vocals will resonate with many fans of late ‘90s R&B, a time where artists like Joe, Carl Thomas, 112, and Ginuwine sang their hearts out in songs longing for love and forgiveness. – Joshua Mackey, INTO

“I think it’s going to take you to new, new heights… When I heard “Stuck” no pun intended it was immediately stuck in my head on first listen… Right away something about your voice grabbed me. I was like this dude can sing.” – Maiwand, DASH Radio

“He remains excited to share his journey because he knows that it can inspire others to take a leap of faith.” – Michael Cox, Black Magazine

“Describing his own sound as soulful, vulnerable, and honest, JeRonelle is ready to come back with more music and is determined to make this year his. As a listener, he has the ability to morph into various sounds and still maintain such deep messages behind each track and emote so powerfully through his vocals. His continued motivation to study other artists throughout his childhood paid off, as he has now worked to master his own sound and integrate the traditional elements of R&B that we all crave.” – Jamie H, SWID Life

“This is a passionate soul song that captivates the essence of re-establishing a connection with a past love that they generated rich feelings for.” – Tom Leo, You Know I Got Soul

Having first garnered mainstream spotlight in 2018, JeRonelle is a testament that veracious aptitude is alive and well in the male R&B sphere amongst the growing independent landscape. “Regret & Reflect” is a purpose piece that shows that Traditional R&B is still well received and appreciated by core R&B listeners globally and with support from Audiomack, Spotify and several radio stations in the US and UK, JeRonelle is making his impact in a major way.

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JeRonelle McGhee is an R&B/Soul singer who has sung alongside artists such as Khalid, Common, Tisha Campbell, Stevie Mackey and also served as a member of Kanye West’s Sunday Service Collective. The Omaha, Nebraska singer-songwriter who rose to fame after his appearance on the second season of the reality show “The Four: Battle for Stardom” released his 2020 EP ‘Beloved’ that was accompanied by a phenomenal live performance of the songs which also featured an appearance on the ‘Road to the Roots Picnic’ in 2021. JeRonelle who obtained a degree in Music from Clark Atlanta University has become a concrete voice in the Los Angeles music scene and looks to broaden his horizons with the arrival of his forthcoming project “Regret & Reflect.”

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