Police flag team beginning the National Night Out event

Young man and his mother asking questions about certain drugs and proclaiming he will not use drugs

Drug-Free World volunteer with two community leaders

Washington, DC’s, new Police Chief, Pamela Smith, with two Drug-Free World representatives

Community members looking at Drug-Free World materials with a DFW volunteer

National Night Out fun and games brings the community together to talk about tough issues – like drug abuse

Drugs are destroying our kids and communities. National Night Out is a unique opportunity to work with the police and the community to improve everyone’s life and safety.”

— Thalia Ghiglia, Foundation for a Drug-Free World DC Chapter

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, August 9, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Foundation for a Drug-Free World joined the police, federal agencies, and city agencies during the 2023 National Night Out in Washington, DC, to educate youth and adults on the dangers of drugs and urge them to work with the police to lower street drug addiction and related crime. The connection of crime and drugs has long been documented and by decreasing drug use, crime rates go down. According to the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, 80% of offenders in prison are there in part or largely due to drug addiction. Many of these offenders committed crimes to get money to pay for drugs.

National Night Out is a national program created in 1984 by Matt Peskin and the National Association of Town Watch with the purpose of bringing the community together and helping to prevent crime in their communities. Police agencies create fun events for the community during National Night Out, aimed at increasing communication between law enforcement and the community. The events are held annually around the country on the first Tuesday of August. At these events thousands of tables at locations around the country are manned by various groups, giving out information on the dangers of drugs, offering information for social services, offering help with housing needs, and supplying information on various services available to local residents.

This year large events were held at numerous community parks in Washington, DC, with scores of open-air booths providing information for the community while free hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, and treats were enjoyed by those attending. The party-like atmosphere encouraged community members to circulate and talk with volunteers at each of the booths about information offered. Kids were treated to attractions like a miniature train driving around a park, bouncy houses, slides, as well as getting to sit on police motorcycles, police vans and vehicles. All were having a good time and enjoying the pleasant weather, games, and information.

Foundation for a Drug-Free World (DFW), which has been a participant in National Night Out events in all seven police districts in Washington, DC, over the years, joined in again this year to bring vital information to the community on drug abuse and crime prevention. Foundation for a Drug-Free World’s Truth About Drugs booklets on synthetics, marijuana, painkillers, prescription drugs, cocaine, heroin and others were free for the taking, while the foundation’s volunteers helped answer questions about various drugs and how parents or grandparents could help talk about this issue with their kids.

Thalia Ghiglia, Faith Liaison to Foundation for a Drug-Free World’s DC Chapter, said, “Drugs are destroying our kids and communities. National Night Out is a unique opportunity to work with the police and the community to improve everyone’s life and safety.”

Used widely by DC Prevention Centers, local churches, re-entry programs, government agencies and nonprofit organizations, the Truth About Drugs materials empower youth and adults with the facts so they can make informed decisions and avoid the tragedy of drug addiction.

The Church of Scientology supports Foundation for a Drug-Free World’s Truth About Drugs program which is one of the world’s largest nongovernmental drug education and prevention campaigns. Evidence-based studies have shown that when young people are provided with true information about drugs, usage rates drop.

Drug-Free World offers all of its educational materials for free. Materials can be ordered or downloaded from www.drugfreeworld.org. Foundation for a Drug-Free World is an international organization with materials in 22 languages. Free online courses help in learning about specific drugs and how to talk about them with friends and family.

Further information available by watching: https://www.scientology.tv/series/voices-for-humanity/meghan-fialkoff.html



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